Thursday, June 30, 2005

A first time for everything

I discovered blogging this year and read numerous posts from other people's blogs. I found some so interesting, especially those that I could relate too, that I would stay up till all hours reading them. Then I remembered the MMO letter I received in the mail and the note that Lisa had started a blog for all of us to keep in touch. I am disappointed a little that their are not more participants but quite impressed that Lisa kept it going.

I have tried journalling to no avail so lets see where this will take me. Sometimes I feel my thoughts can be read by all then get frustrated when no one understands...but alas I am only human and someday I will realize the world does have different points of view...LOL.

I cannot wait for MMO to start up again...I missed so many last year due to my child being ill and doctor appointments. I always left Mom's feeling renewed and ready to start another week trying to be the best Mom I could be. For some reason I always felt stronger emotionally and physically after each and every Tuesday. The MMO mission statement holds true...that hour and a half with other Moms does renew one spiritually, physically and emotinally.