Sunday, January 22, 2006

Things My Children Taught Me Today

This weekend, my husband was working nights, and therefore sleeping most of the day. I was not feeling 100%, and my eldest daughter was quite sick with a bad cold and runny nose, etc. My youngest daughter was feeling fine, but because we were all staying at home this weekend, incidents between the girls that would, at any other time, be nothing to deal with, somehow managed to get out of control. Things that I thought should be getting done simply weren't. And the day went on. I became impatient and irritated several times and it showed. I didn't like how it felt and realized that I was not helping matters at all, so at one point, I stopped mid-rant and paused for a long time. My daughters stopped too, and stood there looking at me, wondering what was going to happen. I looked at them, smiled, apologized for impatiently snapping at them, and asked them to forgive me. They flew at me so full of forgiveness, love, and acceptance, so free with their hugs, kisses, and smiles, and sang me songs about their love for me, and how we'll always be there for each other. They didn't attach any conditions to their forgiveness, or even a "Just don't let it happen again." Their forgiveness was immediate and complete. We moved on, and the day got better! Later, I couldn't help but reflect on their willingness to love and forgive. I also realized that the way they forgave is the way my Lord forgives too. I need to be more like that. Today, my children taught me by their example.