Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last Saturday we were at the kids soccer tournament when a woman showed up with 2 little chocolate lab puppies. She said she had 9 of them at home that she was trying to get rid of...would we want one? Of course I would! I'm thinking. But in reality I know there's no way of convincing Steve. So a few hours later, Kez is completely entranced by these puppies and Steve is thinking...hmmm...maybe. So thinking they're "free" (she said "giving away") we went over to ask a few questions. Turns out they're $400!!! I'm like WHAT??!! And I'm sorry if you've paid this much for a dog in the past or think it's okay, but I think it's insane to charge people that much money for a dog just b'cos it has some papers. Whoop de doo!! And who in their right mind would pay that much $$ for a dog!? I mean really?? I can think of a whole crap load of stuff I'd rather spend $400 on than a dog.

So anyway needless to say we didn't get THAT puppy. :o)

Since I had Steve agreeing to get a puppy I knew I had to act fast if we were actually going to get one. So as luck would have it, that same day was the city's pioneer days parade. And one of the "floats" were puppies from the local pound. So I phoned around and yes they had 2 females left and yes they were open till 5 pm. So we hauled everyone over to the pound to look at the puppies and there was one there with a red collar that let the girls moosh her face in a million different directions and wouldn't leave the fence until the kids did. So we agreed that if the puppy was still there early next week we would get it.

Of course, leaving a person to think over their decisions over a weekend is never a good thing.

Come Tuesday the girls pleaded and I negotiated and now we have a puppy.

How quickly the "puppy love" can fade. Now I'm thinking I made a huge mistake. Maybe we're just not ready. We're going on a quick camp trip in a few weeks and trying to find a place for one dog, let alone a dog and a new puppy will be a challenge. So far Gus is NOT pleased with the new puppy and I find myself wondering if we really deserve another animal to look after.

So that's one stress.

Then the MIL is coming this weekend. I don't know when and not sure for how long, but she's coming. We've come to realize that we just can't talk about ANYTHING with her. Not school, music, movies, kids activities, holidays, church, etc. There's really quite a list. And Steve is on the cleaning wrampage b'cos she went over to his brothers house on Father's Day and they were "wowed" (which is bizarre b'cos they just starting speaking to each other after a stupid 7 month hiatus over a stupid, trivial dispute) so now Steve feels like he has to live up to that or something, and of course I'm like, who gives a flying duck? Every time she comes I secretly try to think of different scenerios that would cause us to freak and kick them out of our house and never to come back again. Sigh - unfortunately what a relief that would be!! So I'm stressing over that. We got tonnes of activities lined up for this weekend, with friends visiting and wind-up BBQ's and I just don't want them to come with us.

So here's to stressful family, summer holidays, and puppies!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

one pants size down

I love going to the doctor and having them tell you that you are in fact, actually loosing a few pounds. There's nothing greater, especially when a few minutes later, he says the baby is measuring bigger than "normal". And what is normal anyway? They said Keziah was measuring large too before I had her and she wound up being my smallest! So I don't really put any...what's the word?...I have no idea, but hopefully you know what I what they say.

Then this morning I had to return a pair of maternity shorts for a size smaller. There is no greater way to begin a morning!

Monday, June 08, 2009

stupid thing

So the stupid thing is ...

...well I mean there are quite a few "stupid things" in my life lately. I could say the fact that I'm loosing a few pounds here and there, while still having more fat than baby bump around my middle, and the baby already registering as "large" is kinda stupid. The fact that I LOVE eating KFC poutine even tho' I know it's like crap...and it's $4.50 to boot and soooo "good" for me! And I have this blog and never use it. Altho' today I felt a yearning, which is ridiculous 'cos look at what I'm writing about?