Thursday, August 30, 2007


This is what happens when spur of the moment meets strategically planned. Note Callah is wearing a grubby ol' Dora shirt and the jeans that she's wearing, the fly won't stay up, so her shirt is perfectly stretched over the zipper. Nice. Goes very well with The Kez's fancy flower print.

So we just got back from 4 days holiday at a cabin. Note to self: might want to tell someone where we're going or at least that we are infact going somewhere so people will know and stop leaving messages on our answering machine wondering if we're dead. But in fact, if we were dead, we wouldn't be checking our messages 'cos last I heard dead men check no messages. Or at least that's what I heard. I could be wrong.

For those who know Kim Dunphy, it was brought to my attention that she's recently joined the world of blogging. You can check her out here and she'll be added to the list on the side.

Have you seen those furry, fat caterpillars? Steve informed me the other day, while driving on the highway, that he really hates running over them (if you've been on a highway lately you may have noticed that they are ALL OVER THE ROAD). I said," good luck! How can you miss?" To his credit, he started swerving attempting to avoid contact with the little buggers. That's my husband!

Tomorrow Matthias starts Kindergarten. I know I'm more nervous than he is. I'm afraid he'll beat his fellow classmates up. He's becoming more and more "tough" lately. Might have something to do with his Dad actually placing a wager on whether or not he could take down his 6 year old 2nd cousin. Or the fact that his parents struggle with Hulk-like anger issues. Let's face it, he's been doomed from the start! I'm also afraid of him going on the bus. You see all sorts of videos of kids being beaten up on the bus. 5 seems so young to be sending them off into the world! Who's bright idea was that? Hey, the kid just turned 5 let's ship 'em off to some big scary brick building for hours of brain enhancing "fun" play!! Aack! Gag! Forget about whether or not he's ready for this! Am I ready for this?


My little man is growing up.

Friday, August 24, 2007

dog days

I'm not really sure what "dog days of summer" actually means, but for my purposes, this is what I refer to as the "dog days of summer". You know the time when school starts up again. Groups start up again. If you go camping, wearing a toque to bed is a necessity. You don't have to cut the grass quite as often. You don't salivate every time you drive by DQ, or the local cone shop (well okay, maybe you're one of those people that live off of ice cream even in the winter...well good on you!) and slurpees are no longer your favourite drink of choice (again, maybe you're one of those people that like to stand in the freezing cold of winter sucking on a slurpee b'cos you honestly believe that by making your insides really cold it will somehow make you actually feel warm). The leaves start to turn colours and you have to start worrying about frostbite on your baby tomatoes. The temperature is a steady 15 - 20 degree C, which amazingly enough feels quite cool. So cool that you find yourself wearing slippers and a nice cozy bunnyhug with the hood over your head (sadly remembering that only a few months earlier this same temperature made you believe it was indeed summer causing you to dust off your tank tops and shorts).

Yes these are my dog days of summer.

I went for a massage yesterday. I might've cried and I think I stopped breathing 3 times. It sure felt good.

Mom's Morning Out starts up again soon. September 11 to be exact. 9:30 am at the Alliance Church. Check out the link on the side for the hot topics.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

minute by minute

I seem to be waging a war with myself on an emotional battlefield lately (hurting those around me in the process) and the best piece of advice I received today was to just take things minute by minute.

Right now that sounds about all I can do.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

So this is how you do it....

Well according to Mr. Clear Blue (thankfully) I am not pregnant. However, I cannot say that taking the test was quite exciting. I can see why people get addicted! I was really nervous at first, this being my first test I've ever taken before. I didn't want to take it too soon, but then they say they need the first urine of the day (and now I'm wondering, do you really want to know about this?) and I was actually loosing sleep over the whole situation until I finally got up and took the stupid thing. To be honest I'm a little disappointed. For some sick reason the thought of having another baby right away was kind of exciting. But whatever. I'm not, so you can all rest easy now that you know.

And last week Steve and I took the youth group and our own 2 kids camping at Narrow Hills. It was alot of fun as I knew it would be. Some of the highlights were the fact that our 2 kids were the ONLY kids that caught fish the entire week. I wasn't out in the canoe with them, but I hear it was quite the event. I guess they (the kids) were fine reeling the fish in and then watching as Steve slugged it unconscious, but when the fish jumped again Callah just freaked and wouldn't stop screaming until they landed back on shore. I wish I had seen it. We had a hard time getting her to pose with her big catch. This was as close as she would get. And always a sucker for sunsets, this is why I love camping. Matthias also did us proud once again but climbing the fire lookout tower. I don't know how much truth there is to this, but I heard someone say that he was the youngest person to ever climb it, which he did last year at the age of 3. That's him, 2nd from the bottom, green shirt.

And now reality is once again upon us and Keziah has been fussy ever since we picked her up from the sitters on Friday. I don't know what special gift that family had so I'll just leave it to the luck of the English. That accent must hold some sort of magical power to soothe. Maybe we'll just play some Sean Connery movie over and over until she settles (and yes, I know he's not English, but who can resist that voice??).

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wind down

There's nothing like a cold drink to take the edge off an emotionally stressful, dusty, hot, tiring long weekend at your step-father-in-laws family reunion.