Saturday, July 04, 2009

heading out

The weekend with the MIL went pretty well considering. I'm not sure if it was the fact that she was feeling more and more pain as the weekend progressed or it was just us, but she was getting more and more judgemental as the time went on. So by the time they left on Monday, I heaved a sigh of relief, my kids ran for the TV (I swear we're not actually addicted!) and Steve went for a beer.

The next day we went for our 20 wk ultrasound. We were really disappointed. I mean I know it's our 4th and all, but it's still a super special event. So when the technician didn't let Steve come in we were a little miffed. And when he was finally allowed in and we were given a "run thru" again we were disappointed. Not at all like the ultrasounds we had in PA. The guy was like "here's the head, the heart and the feet." That was it. The tech we had with Kez was awesome. She went over every little inch of her and we could marvel at her little toes and fingers! It was the coolest thing! This was so not. Apparently it's the law here. Yeah....whatever.

But then we were off to Edmonton to celebrate out 8th wedding anniversary. Nothing says I Love You like going to see Transformers 2 followed by a trip to IKEA and finally steak at The Keg. My only complaint of the three was that we were at The Keg when the doors opened at 4, and there was still a 10 minute wait. WHAT?! You just opened for pete's sake! But whatever, the food was delicious and even tho' my daquiri was a virgin, it still felt good to drink again! :o)

So now in a few days the kids and I embark on our holiday. Of the 3 weeks we'll be gone, Steve will join us for 3 days. So I plan on spending those 3 days relaxing and enjoying his company. It totally sucks that he can't get time off this summer, but I'm already looking forward to having him around for 9 months after the baby is born. Of course, come Jan/Feb I'll probably be so ready to kick him out back to work! But we'll see.

And so I'm finishing up some laundry, packing up bags and coolers for our 3 days camp trip, then it's off to Sk for a whirlwind trip to visit my side of the family. I just hope Arborfield knows what's coming!!

See ya on the flip side!