Wednesday, February 27, 2008


why won't Keziah sleep thru the night? I know she can. So then why? Do I have to take her into the basement and just let her cry it out? Do I have to continue to wake up during the night to feed her? why?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


(I just wanted to say that...)

In my continuing funk of doing nothing, when indeed I should be quite busy prepping the house to sale (and look I managed to waste another "nap time" on the computer) I thought I'd take this moment to briefly replay some experiences from the past week.

To put it cleanly and simply...the conjugal visit went well with Steve. I'll just leave it at that.

Then my parents, kids, dogs and I went out to my aunt's farm near Yorkton. The weather was incredibly frigid, but that didn't stop us from getting some fresh air and exercise!
And then of course there was the porcupine ordeal. On afternoon we noticed the dogs barking like crazy so we went out to investigate and sure enough, there was a porcupine cornered in an old shed. So my Dad and I carried over an old wooden box and blocked the door, thinking the dogs couldn't get in. We had no idea dogs could be so stupid or stubborn. The next morning we could hear the dogs barking again and then noticed one of them running thru the snow brushing his face against the ground. "Dad, I bet you that stupid dog got into the porcupine again". Sure enough 2 of the 3 dogs got quilled. Kino (my parent's stupid dog) got maybe 5 quills in his snout. Gus (my stupid dog) got the brunt of it...a good 20 or so in her snout and mouth. It took 3 of us (2 to hold down her body and one to hold her head and pull them out) to get those quills out. It looked like someone had been seriously attacked there was so much blood on the ground! Not only was she quilled, but her paw was bleeding as well 'cos she had clawed a hole in the corner of the old wood shed to get to the porcupine! So then my Dad and I went out there again and put another wood crate against one wall and a steel grate propped up against the other. Needless to say the dogs didn't go near there again.

The remainder of the week we spent back in Regina. The weather turned nice and we were able to go outside and actually enjoy being outside. The kids and I went to a great park (if you're ever in the area it's called the Rick Hansen Park on McCarthy Blvd. It's great in the summer, has water fountains and everything). We were there for maybe 30 minutes when I'm pushing the kids on the swing and Callah asks to "go crazy" (where I push her with a bit of a twist and the swing goes a little "crazy"). So I did. She laughed, I laughed we were all having a great time. Then all of a sudden she lets go of the swing, her legs fly up and wrap around the chains and she "sweeps" the ice and snow with her face twice. She immediately drops and starts screaming. Blood is coming out of her nose and mouth. She's scratched up a line on her face from her chin to her forehead. I almost laughed. It was really amazing. Needless to say we packed up and headed back to my parents.
The rest of the week went off without a hitch and we had a really great weekend. Steve was able to come home for a weekend and "babysit" the kids so I could get out to our church Ladies Retreat. All in all a good time, good food (I gained like 3 lbs...booh urns!!) and great company.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Once again I feel like I should be saying something, I've been doing lots this past week, but I just feel at a loss of words. Maybe it's the fact that Steve has been in PA all weekend and I only saw him about 8 hours all weekend. It's amazing how gut wrenching it is saying goodbye...still.


So maybe I'll re-attack this later and actually tell some stories of porcupines and giant mice named Chuck E.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I remember hearing these frightful stories about babies that used to poop their weight (I wish in gold) and babies that would fill legs of their sleepers and I just couldn't believe it. That's alot of poop! Well leave it to Keziah to make a believer of me! For the last 2 nights now she's woken up crying. I've felt around in her bed, feel something wet and upon further investigation- have found a legfull of poop! Gross!!! No kidding. Would I joke about a sleeper leg full of poop? I don't think so!

So I am now a believer in (most) poop stories.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I've been thinking about this alot lately and last night at a prayer meeting one of the ladies brought the movie up and suggested praying for the families. Of course we totally agreed and it got me thinking that you never know when a good-bye could be your last. Those 4 guys kissed their wives good-bye just like any other day and had no idea they'd never see them again.

My point is simply to never take loved ones for granted. You never know when they will be taken from you.

Monday, February 11, 2008


After a devastating (at least in my world) day yesterday I called my Mom, in tears, and asked her to come stay with me. Of course, 10 minutes later, after getting some fresh air, I phoned her back and said she really didn't have to. She's got her own life and surprisingly (or maybe not) it's not that simple to move and shuffle around. So we agreed to play it by ear and if my kidlets weren't feeling better by noon today, then she'd plan on coming. Otherwise she'd stay.

It was a rough nite on the couch with Callah but around 2:30 am she started sitting on the toilet (instead of face in) and I was hopeful things were going to turn around. By 8 am she was her normal hungry self "Mom, I'm hungry." and trying to restrict her hunger is like fighting off a pack of rabbie infested wolves. But she took it slow and everything is staying down, so that's a bonus.

I washed all their bedding, Lysol'ed almost everything else, cleaned the bathroom, scrubbed the floors, opened the doors to let some fresh air circulate and hopefully that'll keep us healthy for a few weeks more anyway.

I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected by the flu/cold bug yet this season. So take care out there (and yes, those commercials mean more to me than they did before) and please remember to wash your hands.

Friday, February 08, 2008

life isn't smelling so sweet

After an awesome time out for supper and bowling with some friends last night I was totally stoked to come home and find out that Matthias hadn't puked - ending a 6 night puking streak. I was able to have a quick conversation with the hubby, not as good as I would have liked, but found out that he passed a major exam and so that was good. Went to bed relatively early and conked right out.

3:34 am rolls around to the sound of Keziah gagging. I walk over to her bed, feel around and am grossed out by wetness. She'd been throwing up. So I changed her bed and brought her out to the living room. Gave her a bottle and as I'm burping her over my shoulder, her mouth opens and everything that just went in, came back out all over the kitchen floor. So I peeled off my soggy pajamas and mopped the floor, leaving her to play with her soother in the living room. Coo-ing away. Finally get things cleaned up and we're back to bed...4:37 am.

9-ish Callah pokes her head in my room and says she's hungry. So I get up to get them breakfast. Go check on some laundry from Kez's episode, come back upstairs and hear Matthias throwing up in the bathroom. That's pretty much what he's been doing ever since. And man, it wreaks!

And so between Keziah throwing up her stomache contents (which she's done 3 more times) and Matthias heaving up his (which he's done...well let's just say ALOT) the smell isn't that rosy in here anymore.

I should almost put up a "WARNING: FOUL SMELL" sign or something.

Sigh. Oh well, luckily there are lots of good bowling memories to help get me thru this. :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

happy thoughts

I realize alot of what I've been saying lately is generally unhappy and...well for lack of a better word "lost" and I know that. I'm realizing that. I was telling a friend this morning that I can feel myself slipping a bit in my relationship with God and I don't like that. I need to figure out how to get back, how to get myself moving in the right direction again.

On the flip side tho' I am just really tired. I'm second guessing everything that we've done up to this point. The future and all that holds. All the things I've been doing to help speed up this whole process.

So for now, I apologize for being a stick in the mud.

I'll try to be more peppy next time. ;)

oh yeah, and for the record, I'm really not a big drunk or anything. The amount of alcohol I put in my coke wouldn't make a fly woozy. Just wanted to let ya'll know.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


When I see that I want to tell it where to go....and not in a nice way.

I realized today that I'm just tired. I'm grumpy and tired. My eye twitch and I have become the bestest of friends. We talk, hang out. Shoot the... I just need a break.

I am sooooooooooo (I could go on forever for added emphasis) looking forward to next weekend. Steve and I are going to hibernate in a hotel room for 24 hours. And don't go thinking dirty thoughts, I can almost guarantee you that we'll be asleep before 9 pm. Yes there will be alcohol. And yes there will be pizza (did you know Vern's closed down here in PA? A terrible, terrible thing. That alone would get anyone thinking about leaving this whole area.) courtesy of the Vern's Special. But most notably there will be NO kids.

Did I mention that I'm looking forward to it?

So as I fondly remember the events of the day....running like a madwoman to get my kids to the library in time (but of course we were late), going shopping in S'store where Keziah took it upon herself to scream like a banshee and Callah ran laps around old people with canes, taking Matt to the doctor only to be told something I already new- making me look like a worrisome loon, going shopping once again in Safeway and finally the crowning achievement that just happened as I write this...killing a fruit fly that landed square on my glass lens.

Yes, I think drinks are in order for tonite. Make them short doubles and keep 'em coming!

Monday, February 04, 2008


okay can everyone else see the picture at the top with the kid and a marker?


Sometimes I fust flick thru the quotes on my Facebook account. Today tho' I slowly cruised by and this is what today's said...

Somedays I "stand" in my bed, with the covers over my head listening to my screaming kids. Just dreading getting up and starting the day.

That was this morning.

Is it February 15th yet??