Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Awhile back, like in late June, we thought it was be a good idea to get another dog. Or should I say puppy...'cos they're cute. For some reason we thought it would be a wise idea and we'd be able to give this puppy all the exercise and training a puppy needs.

Well I'll be the first one to admit that we were wrong.

I really don't know what we were thinking.

Many years ago when I first met Steve he had a rottie mutt named Newt. Newt was what brought us together. And then Newt went off and got our neighbours dog pregnant, so we felt bad and agreed to take one of the puppies off their hands - that was when Gus came into our lives. A few years later, it came to our attention that we just couldn't handle 2 dogs, so we decided to give Newt away, as he was more of a challenge than Gus was. We told ourselves then, that we'd never own 2 dogs, at the same time, again.

Fast forward to June of this year...we saw a cute puppy and immediately got all "wimpy eyed" for another dog. Big mistake, HUGE mistake. Lesson learned. So the other day I put an ad on kijiji. Today I got a phone call and this young woman was very interested and today was the only day she could see it, would we be willing to drive to Edmonton to let her check Sally out. So we did. We all went, all 6 of us and drove Sally, who puked in our new van, to Edmonton. The young woman instantly fell in love with her and said she would take her. Awesome! A young woman who would love her and train her the way she deserves. Fast forward 2 hours to when we finally get back home from Edmonton and the phone rings. It's the young womans mother. Apparently the young woman didn't ask permission for the dog and is no longer able to keep it.

You've got to be kidding me.

So sometime tomorrow morning the young womans' mother will be driving Sally back out to our place.

Great. Back to square one.

Anyone want a cute dog?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

this proves I have the maturity of a 5 yr old

We've been here over a year and a half now and it still feels like we don't fit in anywhere. We don't fit with this group of people 'cos we don't drink alot and we have 4 kids. We don't fit in with this group of people 'cos we live in the city and have no family roots. We don't fit in with this group of people 'cos we choose to have me stay home. It's starting to feel like we really just don't fit in anywhere!

Which sucks! And is really depressing!

(this is where the 5 yr old comes I pout and stomp my foot)

It's like a mini slap in the face when you continually look at pictures of parties and get-togethers of "people who are who" and know that not only were you not there, but you weren't even invited. And true to many of these, we might not have gone, but the invitation would've been appreciated. You know?

Maybe it's our fault for not inviting said "people who are who" over to our house for BBQ's and such. Or maybe we just give off the aura of being jack asses and that's why no one invites us. Or maybe we have bad BO.

I just don't know.

Whatever the reason, it sure doesn't help me want to stick around, and it sure as hell isn't helping me forget all the good friends we left back in PA (MISS YOU GUYS!!).

Saturday, December 05, 2009

The hanging of the tree

Today we decorated our tree. This is the first year we haven't had a real one, and while the smell of the "real" tree will be greatly missed, I do have to admit that the ease of the "fake" one is already enjoyed. And it's funny how the branches on this one are so much stronger than the real ones. Or maybe it's just the fact that in the past, we've always gotten "charlie brown" type trees. looks awesome!

And as Christmas approaches and we hear of family members who's health are diminishing more and more, the season is taking on a whole new meaning. It'll be a total bittersweet "holiday". On the one hand we have the joy of Ishaq's birth and showing him off to family and friends who haven't been able to see him. But on the flipside, this may be the one and only time they do see him.

I keep complaining that this won't be "christmas". It'll be different and it won't be any fun for the kids. But lately I've been thinking that that's okay. It will be different. It'll likely be sad. But there will be joy there too. And that's something that we'll just have to hold on to.