Wednesday, June 28, 2006

tank tops

With the weather being so hot nowadays, I find it hard to not wear a tank top. I've never been a huge fan of them. I don't think I even wore them really until I was like 18. I used to always cut off the sleeves of old T-shirts. It wasn't until I married Steve that I actually bought and wore a spaghetti strap tank top. I don't know, I just don't like looking down and all I see is boobs.

hot fun in the summertime

Well yesterday morning I had 2 screaming kids before 9 am. I was pretty tempted to call beach day off, but thought, why should I not "enjoy" my day just b'cos of 2 screaming kids? I shook off the obvious reasons and saw only 1 thing on my "lisa-vision": the beach. So we packed up all our stuff, gave Callah some Tylenol and cough medicine and went to pick up Dixie, Madeline and Luke. After loading up their stuff, a quick stop at the office, the Co-op and Tim's we were on our way.
The trip there was fine enough. No major fits or tantrums. It wasn't until we actually hit the beach that they occurred. Matthias had a complete fit when he saw Madeline carrying the bag of beach toys. Apparently carrying lawnchairs wasn't exciting enough for him. So after a brief "time-out" he returned to the "party" and we all had a good time. The water was beautiful, only one leech was found, lunch went over great (rather than making sandwiches for the kids we cut up a bunch of stuff and they could munch on a little bit of everything in a cup. It worked great!), Callah and Luke waited until we were almost ready to leave before they pooped in their swimmers. It was just a really good time. I think we can definately do this again sometime. Way better than sitting at home going stir crazy!
But that's just my opinion. Dixie took some pic's so we'll see if she downloads them and hear her side of the story.

Then we came home and had a $6 large pepperoni pizza from Domino's. The kids had baths and went to bed early. It was a great day.

But then the day ended. And of course, most good things have to come to an end. Steve's been working his butt off trying to get things ready for camp (which starts on the 2nd of July - 8th, then again from the 17-21) and a lady from church asked him to put some new flooring in. He's been gone from 8 am to 10:30 pm, sometimes later, and I'm just tired of him being tired. I like to talk to my husband from time to time. So that created a bit of friction last night. There always seems to be friction near our anniversary. For once I think I'd just like to enjoy it. That would be nice.

You see Steve and I met 5 years ago in February. 5 months after that we got married. 6 months after that we found out we were pregnant (not planned). 5 months later we moved. 6 months later we moved again. 6 months later we moved one last time. In that 2 year period we went through 6 jobs between us. I honestly didn't think we'd make it to our first anniversary. I admit I'm an emotional person. Since getting married, we've seen friends get married and would always ask them if their "honeymoon period" was over yet. They'd always say no. Which made us feel like dirt, 'cos I think our "honeymoon period" lasted the span of our honeymoon. Of course, since then I've also heard from alot of people that their first year of marriage was anything but pleasant as well. Which is encouraging. Sure we've had our ups and downs. Since we've stopped moving, things have gotten better. More settled. More happier and uplifting. Babies have been planned and not a complete surprise. I can still say that he's a dream come true. I mean after all, not every guy will shave a leg for you if you ask him.

So, Steve, thanks for the past 5 years and I hope there will be plenty more and never a dull

Monday, June 26, 2006

oh yeah

I thought I'd throw this link on here too. Something Dixie threw my way. Check it out if your interested in that sort of thing.

beach day

Well tomorrow Dixie and I are going to attempt to take our 4 kids to the beach for the afternoon. I'll just leave it at that and I'm sure you'll hear about it afterwards, from both of us. Let your imaginations take control until then.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy Sunday

I don't usually update or do anything remotely linked to a computer on Sunday, but the rest of my household is sleeping and I was told to NOT make any noise, so I went downstairs and here I am. I checked out this link courtesy of Dixie and laughed out loud (but not too loudly...). Like she said it might be a little crude, but worth checking out (especially this post). I've also added the link on the side for easy access. Enjoy!

Friday, June 23, 2006

dirty hands

Just a few moments ago I offered Matthias some cake and ice cream. We had just finished eating corn on the cob. He said, "no, I have to wash my hands first." So he went and washed his hands. Then he had cake...and had to wash his hands again. Then he had some ice cream. Does anybody else's kid do this???

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I just went upstairs to check on my kids and Callah had the lid off our KY and was playing on the couch. The tube was almost empty. I'm pretty sure there should be more in the tube. So now I'm wondering where did it all go?


Of course these are almost a month old already. I've been looking for them. I finally found them, and so here they are. The gang's all there: Renita, Bonnie, Kathryn, Wendy, Wendy, and Crystal. Bonnie wins for being the only one to wind up in a sandpit AND (believe it or not!) the one who took the biggest chunk out of the grass! Way to go Bonnie!! It was alot of fun, wish you had been here! Hopefully we'll see you out there with us next time (I'm thinking about making it an annual thing)!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

one more thing

what do you ladies think of this?

More thoughts....on the weekend and on nothing

Going back to the weekend (if you'd like to skip this part, skip down to here) I've never been around people1 talking to people2 on the phone as people2 are being pulled over by the cops as much as I have been this past weekend. I'm in awe of people who are in their 40-50's and don't have a care in the world so they spend as much as they can on booze and smokes. How do they do that? I'm also in awe of people who can't spend a weekend away from their Sony Playstation. Maybe I've just lived a sheltered life down there in Regina and don't know how the world really lives. I just don't know.

This morning I woke up to Matthias telling Callah to not eat yogurt in the living room. Tonite we're moving Matthias to the top bunk. I'm feeling impatient. He seems to be up and down with peeing the bed. He'll go for a dry week, then he'll have accidents every night for a few days, now he's on another dry streak. So whatever. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me soon saying we moved him back down.

Why is it that when you want to get pregnant, you can't?

I hate periods. I've always hated periods. They're disgusting and a total nuisance. I always ask Steve how he'd like to be leaking... (and I'll just leave it at that 'cos I can be quite disgusting sometimes). I don't care how evil we were in the Garden, I really don't think it's fair to have periods and all that includes and the ordeal of childbirth. Men have it so easy.

Going back to that pregnancy bit. So now we have to try again for another whole month. I was so looking forward to being pregnant and I hate being pregnant. I'm so disappointed.

I hate periods.

The weekend

Well the drive to North Battleford was nice.

That wasn't the only thing of course. True it is a road we don't take very often so the change of scenery was nice, the music was nice (I finally got to listen to my music on the MP3 player), and the kids were sleeping (which always leads to a good drive).

That leaves the actual weekend itself. Well. Okay so we when we get there, the people that are there are (about 10 people or so) look like they've been drinking since noon (we arrived at 4-ish). Everything we were supposed to arrive early for and do, was done already. Steve's Dad comes up to us, giddy like a drunken 50 yr. old (oh wait! He is a drunken 50 yr old!) and tells us that his longtime, live-in girlfriend (7 yrs) and him are getting married tomorrow. What??!! This coming from a guy who said he'd never get married again. Apparently hell froze over and he was getting married again. So good on them. His girlfriend, who the kids call Grandma Moe (Maureen) is a super nice woman. We honestly couldn't be happier for them. I just hope that the rings and it being legal and all doesn't freak them out and they split. I know too many long timers who have lived together and then got married and split. Not good.

So that was alright. We had agreed to sleep in a tent trailer in the back yard. Upon realizing that there was actually going to be a wedding in the garage not 10 ft away, I was beginning to rethink that agreement. Sure enough, Friday night due to the overall loudness of 20 some people drinking and having a good time and the fact that the highway is only a block up from their house, I'd say we had a good 2 hours of sleep (kids included). To keep this short and sweet, we booked a hotel for the next night.

It was an alright weekend. Not the worst weekend ever, nor by far, was it the best. Gas was 99 cents/litre which was super sweet. We ate lots of good food and everyone showed up and arrived home safely... so far as we know. And it was really good to get home and sleep in our own bed.

For some reason, I can't wait for July.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well he did it. Matthias coughed so much that he spewed chunks. The best part tho' (if there can be a best part about vomit) was that I was in the shower at the time, so I missed everything. I could just shower and laugh at the sound of Steve gagging as he had to clean the mess up and Callah hitting the BuzzLightyear buttons. So picture this, Matthias crying, Steve gagging and the sound of "I'm Buzz Lightyear!! I come in peace!" echoing throughout our house.

It was a long night.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I forgot to mention that Steve and I watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" last night. It was Steve's first time, but I had seen it a couple of times before. There's something about movies like that, that I really enjoy. It has nothing to do with the actual concept or idea, but rather the woman's character. I love Kate Winslet's character. I wish I could be full of spunk like that and able to dye my hair with my moods. Same with "Sweet November". I love Charlize Theron's character. In both cases they do really spontaneous crazy stuff and live for the moment. Now I know that "living for the moment" can be dangerous and somehow un-God like, but there are times that I wish I could just be like that. Free to do whatever, whenever.


For some reason I always find the time to sneak peaks at other people's blogs, while finding little time to update my own. Or maybe it's the fact that our dog keeps jumping our 8 ft high fence and digging up my garden forcing me to redo it over and over and over. Or maybe the fact that Callah has another ear infection and Matthias has a cold...again. Or could be just my lack of self worth, thinking "who in their right mind would be reading this?"

Anyway, I think I've mentioned before that I'm trying to hook up a good, clean, Christian based sex video for Mom's Morning Out in the fall. So far, I'm having no luck. We did this Marriage Uncensored series last year and one of the videos was called "The Top Ten Questions About Sex" (which was tabooed so we never actually go to watch it). A few nights ago a friend and I watched it to see what was so "taboo-ey" about it. We couldn't really see anything wrong (maybe we're just so warped it didn't affect us), nor was the video what I really had in mind anyway. So I'm still looking.

Last weekend we spent a night with the in-laws in S'toon. Not only did we have an irate "conversation" about Steve and I drinking (and I still shake my head in disbelief upon remembering) but also about women in ministry and evangelizing to people. I can't believe how "messed up" (I say that knowing it's not the word I'm thinking of, but can't think of anything else to describe her) she is. How Kent Hovind is as good as God in her books and every other author or person is nowhere near as good or Godly as he is. And I can't believe how EVERY time we go for a visit she ALWAYS brings up a family who has 8-12 kids and they were all homeschooled. Who cares? To top of the "visit from hell" it was raining all weekend, so the kids were running around the house like electricuted mice on speed. I will say this tho', they do make good popcorn! This weekend will also be a weekend to look forward to, as we hit Steve's other side in N. Battleford. Usually I don't mind visiting his Dad (who turns the big 5-0). If anything I feel totally relaxed to be who I am, but it's the fact that I know Steve's brother is going to be there. Him and I just don't get along very well. I'll leave it at that. And having to spend a whole weekend there is something that I'm just not looking forward to.

Of course in comparison, I think my family looks like angels coated in sugar. But you'd have to ask Steve what he thinks. So pray for me this weekend as I take my snotty nosed, coughing kids to a 50th birthday party that is sure to be anything but dull.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Confession time

That's right. I... am... a bear. And I sure feel like it this morning. After a grumpy, moody night (where alcohol, buttery popcorn and a Hugh Grant movie were involved) I can honestly say that I am still in a moody funk. I admit that I've always struggled with a bit of depression. And I REALLY hate that. I know that it's a totally selfish thing to do and completely not what a "child" of God should do. Regretably tho', I do. It comes in complete waves. Doesn't last very long, but when it comes, it comes and whoa!! Look out!!

So last night my bible study was suddenly cancelled. We had a free babysitter that we didn't want to let go to waste, so I called up a friend and we went to see The Break-Up. (Here's another little confession. 8 years ago I had a poster of Vince Vaughn where he was coming out of a pool and his dress shirt was clinging to his body.) I thought it was really good. Something every husband should go see. See in the movie, Jenn's character doesn't feel appreciated of all the things that she does (willingly without thinking) for Vince's character. (LIGHT BULB MOMENT) Of course I foolishly thought of my own marriage and how under-appreciated I felt. That led to the feeling that I should be the one appreciative of Steve for even wanting to marry a schmuck like myself. Which inturn led to a landslide of other negative thoughts too shameful to mention.

And where do I go to from here? I know all the sunday school answers and I know that this too shall pass. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I think I'll just leave off here for now

Monday, June 05, 2006

I have decided

that this is what I'll look like when I get older.

My Mom gave this to me.

"A woman who creates and sustains a home, and under whose hands children grow up to be strong and pure men and women, is a creator second only to God." - Helen Hunt Jackson.

So much to say

...little time to say it. Last week was crazy busy. I suppose it didn't help matters on Thursday when I begged Steve to take us out to Candle Lake for some R&R. Did I say "R&R"? How foolish, I should know by now that when you have kids, R&R doesn't exist anymore! But the day was beautiful none the less. The sky was clear blue, the water icy cold and the sand was...well the sand was smooth under our feet. The kids loved it, cold water or no cold water. Both of them, at different times, dived right in only to resurface with teeth chattering. And you can't go to the lake without having a weiner roast, so we had our weiner roast. Then, of course, you can't go to Candle Lake without stopping at the restaurant for large ice cream cones for dirt cheap. Yes the day was a VERY good example of living spontaneously and seizing the moment.

Friday I ran the Relay For Life. One thing I learned about myself is that I am no good to anything living after 36 hours of no sleep. And 3 hours of sleep won't help much either. But otherwise I'd do it again next year with some new ideas thanks to lessons learned.

I found this in a magazine and wanted to summarize it. It's all about how to make Mom's feel and look good.

Glow for it - just 20 minutes of exercise (yes chasing children is included) will increase blood flow to your face resulting in a radiant, fresh-faced glow (of sweat!! ha ha ha... I added that myself)
Update your mane - Get a good haircut. Rule of thumb: never leave the salon with a stylish new do you can't easily recreate in your own bathroom.
Switch channels - Next time you run an errand be sure to have your favourite music programmed in that'll make you pump your hands in the air and open the sunroof (who does this?) You'll be surprised (and so will those around you!) at how liberating 10 minutes fo your fav music can be. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
Lash out - Makeup artists will tell you the key to opening up tired eyes is curl those lashes!
Stay in condition - Take the 2 mins in the shower to let that conditioner soak in. Your hair will be softer, shinier and healthier for it.
Get an eye full - Grab a couple slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes. No cukes? Place a cold, damp clean washcloth over both eyes and lay back and relax for a few minutes.
Raise your hands - If you have time get a manicure. No time? Soak your nails in lemon juice to get rid of stains, then use a nail buffer to make them shine.
Follow your nose - A quick mist of a fresh, clean scent in the morning works wonders to jumpstart your day. Some energizing scents to try include jasmine, bergamot, hyacinth and basil.

So there you go. Don't forget Kinsmen tomorrow!