Monday, April 30, 2007

the sum of it

To sum up the type of day I've been having I'll just say that I just got back from dropping supper off at Dixie's only to find out that I had locked my keys in the van. Luckily, the back door was open so I was able to remove a carseat and climb over the back seat enough to reach over and unlock the sliding door. After crawling back out I opened the sliding door and grabbed my keys and let myself back in.

I think a good drink is in order for tonite.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


A huge congrats to Marc and Dixie on the birth of their baby girl Olivia Kate. She's a cutie! Well done you two!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

those days

Today is one of those days where I feel like I could be The Hulk. I think Steve is in that zone too. It's probably just 'cos we're over tired. Hopefully.

I should probably go take a nap.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First health lesson

Yesterday Matthias called out from the bathroom "Girls don't have pee pees". To which I replied, "yes we do, they're just different." To which Callah hollered from the kitchen table "yes I do!" And then Matthias once again replied, "no you don't." To which Callah again hollered "yes I doooooooooo!!!!!" (the girl likes to argue VERY LOUDLY) I then decided to intervene and went in to tell Matthias that we do, they're just different. "Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina." I explained. He repeated the information I had just handed out.

A few minutes later we were sitting at the table eating lunch when Matthias once again said that girls don't have pee pees. I reminded him that we do. "Do you remember what Mom told you earlier? Remember? Boys have....?" He replied, "penis". "And girls have....?" I asked. Then Steve, in his infinite wisdom, says "I told him that girls have 2 bums."

I stopped. Laughed. And then asked him, "can you say vagina?" To which there was no reply.

Anyway, that was our first health lesson.

Today was our last Mom's meeting. I'm relieved in a way, simply because I don't have to get up anymore. There's still lots of planning to be done for the fall which means lots of work I should be doing. I'm also sad tho' to see Mom's done. I really do enjoy my Tuesday mornings. It gets me out and gives the kids a chance to hang out and play with different kids. This year I got to meet alot of new women who I really enjoy talking to and hanging out with. I hope if they have more babies, they'll once again grace our group with their presence. To those of you going back to work, take 'er easy and keep in touch. Those of you staying home, I really hope to see you again at Mom's in the fall. On May 8 we have our final wind-up out at the Little Red. Start praying for nice weather and we'll see you (hopefully) there!

Man I'm suddenly extremely tired. So I'll finish with this. We're having another Mom's Golf Nite. Last year we went to Silver Hills and had a total blast. This year we're going to Fairview and then heading out for snacks/supper afterward. It's Thursday May 24. Tee off time is 6:30 pm so we need you there by 6:15 at the latest. If you're interested let me know. Club rentals are $4 or if you know someone else going who has a set, I'm sure we can share (we're not that professional!). Like I said, last year was alot of fun and I'm sure this year will be also. Hope you can come!


Friday, April 20, 2007

could this be it?

We're going on 3 nights now of 8 or more hours between nightly feedings!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Last night Keziah slept for 10 hours btween feedings. I know it's just a tease, but I'm still excited. Now if only the rest of the family had co-operated in her efforts (for my xtra sleep) it would have been sweet dreams for me. You see I thought it would be a treat to make some popcorn for the kids. We'd cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. Steve was out in the garage working on his baby (I'm going to go on a side-step here. Before we were married Steve had this Landcruiser. To be honest it was one of the things that attracted me to him and I love it as much as he does. This baby will never leave us - or rather, we will never leave this baby. It's great. The roof comes off and it's such a thrill to ride it. We should seriously charge $ for rides. It's just awesome.) with the baby monitor hooked up to the TV so he could hear our heroes play their game while he worked.

It was going great until Callah started playing with the stove controls. I didn't realize she had had them on that long until she started screaming bloody murder. To cut to the chase she was up till 10 pm crying with ice packs on her hand. This morning she has a nice coil imprint to show for it. (This morning her accident prone self continued and while jumping on the bed she fell and slammed her chin on the windowsill biting her lower lip.)

And actually that was it. Matthias stayed up till 9 pm to comfort Callah. Keziah, after being fussy all day, had finally fell asleep. The only other thing that kept me awake was the thought of looking for a babysitter for Saturday night.

Oh well.


Let's see what tonite brings.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A running thought

This just cracks me up. My Dad used to tell me stories of how him and his buddies used to fart in a can and then light it up. Crazy juveniles.

Anyway, today Keziah is 5 weeks old. Lately I keep referring to things in weeks. She's 5 weeks old. Last week was Easter break. This week is the Covenant Annual Convention at our church (which just means that it's going to be busy chaotic). Next week we have our first parent meeting at St. Anne school for Matthias and I start a learn to run class. It's also the last week of April. Then it's May. Mom's Morning Out is finished. Keziah will be almost 2 months old, which means she's halfway to 4 months and that excites me b'cos I usually start Pablum and formula when they hit the 4 months stage. And at times it seems like each day is taking forever, but when I look back I'm like "gee...she's 5 weeks already!" And of course, you want them to remain small forever b'cos that's when they cuddle and appreciate you.

Anyway back to my running May. May will fly by 'cos Steve is leading a youth event in Strathmore, my parents bought a cabin so I may actually get to be in a cabin for a May long weekend for the first time ever. Party!! (yeah rite, c'mon here. I'm under 30 with 3 kids!!) Then before ya know it it'll be June and June always holds the promise and preparation for summer camps. July will soon follow and if it's anything like last year we had a camp every week followed by 2 weeks of summer "vacation" and this year we have a "family" (I say " " because it's on a side of the family that really has no relation to us) reunion in Weyburn (of all places) in August. And then it's September.


The next few months are just going to fly.

One day at a time Lisa, one day at a time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Outta my mind

I'm kinda actually bored altho' I know there's no way that's humanly possible as Matthias and Callah are doing laps behind me in the basement shrieking bloody murder over who hit who and I think I hear Keziah waking from her nap in the distance. I feel like my eyelids could be held open with toothpicks and I'm starting to count down the minutes to my afternoon nap (approx 96.5).

Steve is going to S'toon for a day and a half and for some reason the thought of being home alone, for the first time since baby came, makes me feel kinda scared and depressed. For the first time in a long time, I'm making a mental note to do nothing but rest in the hope of keeping everyone's sanity while he's gone.

And so knowing there's tonnes of stuff that I should be doing, but I'm mentally telling myself to forget (altho' it's kinda hard to forget about feeding screaming kids) I'll leave you with this picture of what I want to look like in the future. The guy in front, that's Steve. Ooooh yeah...that'll be so sweet (only I'll have a whip!).

New Addition

Bonnie had this 'Motivation for Moms' on her blog and I know more often than not, it's little stuff like that that can make or break a day, so I thought I'd add it to this blog. Hope you enjoy the little motivations as much as I do.

Thanks Bonnie.

Monday, April 09, 2007

"she's so good!"

Lesson learned : never talk about how well your baby is sleeping. She'll do the exact opposite for the next few nights.

Monday, April 02, 2007


The other night Steve and I watched Blood Diamond. It was a good show, but not in the "that was so cool, I want to watch it again" kind of good. It was more of an eye opening kind of good. The kind that make you think kind of good. Know what I mean? DiCaprio's accent drove me crazy (do Africans really talk like that? Saying "yuh" after every sentence??) but otherwise the acting was good. Djimon Hounsou was awesome as usual (I have yet to see a movie that he hasn't been great in). If you want to watch it skip to the next paragraph, if you have no intention keep reading. One of the things that hit me was the story line following the son. The rebels (and I could totally be wrong on who's who) kidnap his son and make him join their force, meaning make him kill his own people. I'm just amazed and shocked at how they can do this. How they can make children, no more than 10, fire machine guns and kill women, children their own age and babies? At one point in the movie they have these kids saying their new "names" to the general (or whoever) and one of the boys says "I am baby killer". I know it's only a movie, but I know that this stuff has really happened and is still happening in parts of the world. How can we be so messed up? What is wrong with humans? It reminded me of Hotel Rwanda. Another one of those good, makes you think kind of movies.

Anyway, I recommend it. Then while blog surfing I came across this on Peggy's blog. You'll need a kleenex (seriously) if you want to check it out. I've been getting a few of these in my e-mail and pictures of troops and stuff. This war is so beyond stupid. Again, what is wrong with humans?

In baby news, last night we had our first really rough night and I know I should be napping right now, but there's just so little time in the day to do stuff that I enjoy (one being catching up on the blogging world) and so here I am, sitting at the computer, half baked.

And finally, I know I haven't written about Mom's lately, but tomorrow is our final Marriage Talk. Wendy Demers will be speaking and she's been married for 25 years. These talks have been awesome so far and I'm sure this one will be no different. It's been good to hear how we all have our troubles and really, are no different than anyone else. Kinda comforting.

Oh yeah, in case you care, our house is a COMPLETE mess. That's what happens when your basement is leaking in opposite sides of the house and you decide to repaint a bedroom and install laminate in 2 bedrooms and the living room. All in one week!! Yeah!!