Friday, March 24, 2006


I love waking up and seeing the sun shine through our bathroom window. For one thing, this time last year, we didn't even have a window in our bathroom, and for another thing it reminds me of summer and I CAN'T WAIT for summer. The longing for summer has finally hit me and I think there'll be no stopping it now till summer comes. Steve is gone this weekend at a hockey tournament in Saskatoon and he took the car, so feeling "summerish" I got the stroller out and loaded up the kids (it was a bit cool at -17 C windchill incl.) and we walked down to Shoppers for some movies to watch tonite. As we passed the ice cream shack, Matthias said, "I want some ice cream." I explained that the ice cream will open again once the snow is melted and summer comes. I think he's longing for summer too. He opened the sandbox cover to play with his toys only they were all frozen into the sand. Poor guy. So we'll wait. Patiently. Until then we'll push the stroller through the snowy streets, we'll play with our trucks in the snow and we'll sit in the our home and wait for summer to come.

This past week has been painful. Tuesday, at the urging of Steve, I went x-country skiing out at the Little Red. Being only the 2nd time on skiis this winter I took the shortest path I could find. However, I don't think it was short enough. My back has been in pain ever since and my chiropractor has told me to "take it easy" and "lay off lifting children". Right. Like either of those are going to happen! Every night Steve, being the good husband that he is (or else...) rubs Watkins on my back and then a heat pack is added. Man, does that feel good. Makes me wish it was night time all the time, that and the fact that sleep is soon coming. Tonite I'll miss my Watkin guy, it just won't be the same without him.

Next week at Mom's is a video day. On what? I have no idea, so come out anyway and it'll be a surprise for the both of us!! This Friday (the 31) is another Mom's Nite Out. If you live in the Prince Albert vicinity and would like a nite out away from the kids. Feel free to join us at Digger's Restaurant @ 6 pm. Otherwise, have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine!!