Saturday, March 01, 2008


So we're moving to the wide open spaces of Alberta. Excuse me while I (sarcastically) jump for joy. My (sarcastic) enthusiasm is overflowing. Yeah (heavy sarcasm) for us.

Now the real fun begins of cleaning house (and keeping it clean) and painting and mudding kids room and other fun stuff that people do to prep houses for sale.

Again...yeah (heavy sarcasm) for us.

And in other news, while it's not the hideous flu bug (knock on wood) my kids once again have colds. Sniffles and coughs, which in Matthias' (and I'm learning in Keziah's) case also means occasional vomiting.

Again (say it with me this time...)....yeah for us.

However we had a fun day yesterday playing with other sick kids and watching the fireworks, which to me are almost as exciting as chocolate. So hope you and yours are healthy and stay that way.