Sunday, May 25, 2008

midnight storytelling

My "dying wish" for last Thursday's small group was a music "special" if you will. We were each supposed to pick a song we liked at the moment, play it and explain why. There was a little bit of everything there from Leonard Cohen to Jane Sibery, Bruce Cockburn to Salvador, India Arie to Emmy Rossum. All cool songs and all meaningful in their own ways. I really enjoyed it. Now I can leave happy (at least where that is concerned).

I was really bored tonite. So I was looking up some old pictures of when Steve and I first got married. Times like these I wish I had a scanner, so you could see just how much hair he actually had! And I came across our honeymoon journal. Of course I'm not going to share alot from it, but re-reading it brought quite a few smiles to my face. Perhaps that's why I'm awake still now at 12:47... I'm just missing him. Or perhaps it's from that nap I had this afternoon. I said it once, I'll say it again, naps are evil.

So here's a little (or not so little) excerpt. To set the scene we went to a 4 wheel drive park in Kananaskiis for a week long honeymoon. We found our "camp spot" when the Landy got stuck in some mud by a little stream. On this particular day we decided to climb a "small hill".

MO 07 09 01 "...and a hiking we went. It started strong for both of us (on the road) then we reached the bottom of the hill and started to walk/climb. It was steeper than we thought, but we went on or I went on...somebody had to stop every ten steps or so, not mentioning any names so I'll just spell it L..I..S..A...Yeah, I just about went down to carry her. So on and on and on we went. My blisters were hurting from my new shoes and b'cos he's such a wuss he whined and complained the whole way up! About 1/2 way he stopped and dropped the pack to get some water. So I decided to take some nature shots of these beautiful prairie lilies. After a short break we continued up this time on a winding, uphill climb thru trees. At this point I felt like I was going to throw up, but I kept on going. When we finally did reach the top, Steve was sweating REALLY heavy. On and on we went til I heard her say "Are we going up more!?!" I said, "Honey we are so close, were not going to walk all this way not to go all the way, come on, you can do it, I know you can!!" You would think with that encouragement one would start running up the rest of the way, but no, not today. Dragging every step like she was wearing cement shoes, lucky it was only 10 steps more so she could rest again. While she was laying on the ground, reaching for air with her hand and throwing it towards her mouth, I decide to take some "nature shots'. Luckily I brought all the film cause I don't think she will be even rolling over soon....Steve is such a jerk! silly pictures more like it...oh! a leaf (snap picture)...a bird in a tree (snap)...clouds! (snap) now that was a real don't see clouds like that everyday! while nature boy was taking pictures I was getting restless and wanted to keep moving so finally he put away his camera and his "prize" shots and we were able to move again."

Hopefully you figured out that we kept switching perspectives as we were writing! We eventually made it down the hill and as we were driving back to our "campsite" we somehow missed spotting this huge 3 ft high rock on the "road" and drove over it. Doing so, Landy reared, the steering wheel spun out slamming Steve's fingers in the process and alot of blood and screaming followed.

All in all it was a great trip!