Sunday, January 03, 2010

looking back

Now that Christmas and New Years have come and gone the quietness and stillness are creeping up from the shadows. Or maybe it's just the fact that once again, life must go on, no matter how much we might want to hold onto the present.

It seems like we travelled all over Saskatchewan, but of course, we didn't. Over 8 hrs in the van on the first day, staying up till after midnite, and then another 5 hrs of driving the next day before settling in Regina for 2 days before continuing our travels to S'toon. And there we sat for 4 days. Amid the kitty littered bathroom and dish strewn kitchen. To each his own I guess, but definately not my cup of tea. For once I was actually wishing I could've stayed at my MIL's house instead of staying with the BIL. But that's done and over. Hopefully to never be relived again! As for how Sylvia is doing... at first sight you might not think she looks that bad. But appearances can be disceiving. Her upper body looks large only b'cos it's full of tumours. Then you notice how skinny the rest of her body is and yes...she does look like she's dying. So saying goodbye when it was time to head back to AB was tough. But we know we'll see her again another day, whether we have the chance to see her again in the hospital or again in another place that is far better than Earth could ever be.

New Years was spent with friends playing texas hold 'em. I've never played before and it was quite fun.

And now I'm just waiting for the dr's recomendation to begin exercise and away I go. Hopefully I can get rid of the baby blubber that has haunted me for the past 7 years. My only goal (well one of my goals) for this year is to get back to my pre-baby weight - which is roughly 35 lbs lower than I am right now. And I know it'll be hard and probably unlikely, but as long as I keep loosing, I'll be happy. And I'm considering doing something different with my hair. I was told recently that perhaps my hairstyle doesn't necessarily fit my face shape. Whatever that can you even tell that? How do you find out your face shape hairstyle?? I might just go to a hairstylist and say "go crazy" and we'll see what happens.

So looking back, all in all, the holidays were good. It was nice to go to sleep every night with my husband and wake up to 4 beautiful kids, and really, that's all I can ask for! :o)