Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Three years ago today I was dreading the impending thought of possibly being induced the following morning. Already 14 days overdue, the doctors didn't want to wait any longer and looking back, I was pretty ready to get this baby out too.

I remember shopping at Sobeys and then heading back home for supper and a relaxing evening on the couch watching TV and the thunderstorm approaching from the north west. A few hours later and about 15 minutes into America's Funniest Videos I started having some contractions. They were a little tense, so I timed them to the clock on the VCR. I finally told Steve and my folks (who were in town at the time) that I think this baby is finally ready to be born! 4 hours later out popped little Callah and we've never been the same since!

(unfortunately Steve and I were never very technologically advanced so we didn't - and still don't- have a digital camera, so I went back as far as we have on cd and these are some of the best that I can come up with...)

Life with you has been anything but dull. Happy 3rd Birthday my little princess.

I know you'll stop eating things you shouldn't soon.