Monday, July 30, 2007

there's a reason

If you check around, there's not alot of blog action happening around the web these days. I'm blaming it on the heat (as I sit here, all stinky and sweaty...yes I know I have to shower). If all else fails, blame everything on the heat, that's what I say. That and the fact that our household has just been busy. Here's what we've been up to...

As it turns out Callah didn't eat the sea shells. A few weeks after the incident we found the shells in a cubby hole in the van. Matthias was ecstatic and claimed Callah was his hero for the rest of the day.

Keziah is teething and a drooly mess.

We spent a week in Regina, where we checked out Chuck E Cheese for the first time. What a hit! I'm glad they're still young enough to know that it's not about how many tickets you get, but how much fun you have. Right?

We then spent a week at my parent's cabin at Marean Lake. Where we went minnow fishing EVER SINGLE DAY at least 2x a day. Now I gotta tell you, the funniest part of this whole experience was when Callah fell off the dock into the lake. She completely freaked out! Matthias and I were on the next dock and I started to run towards her, but when I realized that the water only came up to her chest, I slowed down a bit. She was fine. We also caught a few frogs and a crawfish (which Matthias still believes to be a "baby lobster"). Lots of "cool" wildlife and a week well spent.

Immediately following our return was Callah's 3rd birthday. You know the phrase "it's my party I can cry if I want to..."? Well she took it literally and not only cried, but pooped on the sidewalk (in her swimsuit) and threw up her cake in the new pool her dad bought her! It will be a birthday to remember (for us anyway).

Add onto that with a few melting hot days, a hot trip to Waskesui for the day, a 24 hour whirlwind trip to Regina, a box of ice cream sandwiches, a slurpee a day (thank goodness for 99 cent refill cups!), the start of Pablum for the Kez, and me literally thrusting my body forward 2-3 times a week wildly flailing my arms around trying to continue on with my running (or more accurately jogging)...believe me, it's not a pretty sight. And that's what we've been up to.

Now if you'll excuse me, my eyelids hurt and and I have to wash off this layer of sweat before the next one starts to stick.