Monday, February 23, 2009


I've been feeling kinda blah lately. I'm going to chalk that up to mid-winter blues. And I know that everyone around here is feeling it too. Matt said, again, this morning how he can't wait for summer...or at least till it's warmer so he doesn't have to wear all his "winter junk" anymore! I couldn't agree more. And so while the snow is continuing to fall outside, I'm thinking some sort of change is in order. I need a project or something to keep me going till spring. A friend of mine said that she's going to start her spring room at a time. While that doesn't sound nearly as appetizing as say...painting a mural or going on a fan-tabulous trip should keep me busy doing something for awhile. I don't think the walls have ever been washed in this house and that gives me the creeps. I'm surprised I've lived with it this long. And while I don't know if I'll be able to actually do the one room at a time thing (once started I tend to go hardcore) I'm going to give 'er a try.

And I'm determined to learn how to play this song on guitar. I found the chords and found out how to play the chords (it's slowly coming back to me) so in theory it should only take me...oh, I'd say a month or so.

And I finally finished my crochet cap for Kez, now I've started a matching one for Callah.

And I just need some primer then I can start painting the spare room for Matthias' "big move"...but there's no real rush for this as a)I'm still not prego (and yes we're trying) and b)it's more a 7th birthday surprise for the boy than anything.

Of course I could do the classic "new haircut" kind of thing. But I'm seriously trying to grow it out long again, and it's taking forever.

So I guess there's really lots to do, I just need to put down my book (and yes, I'm reading the series again) and get doing.