Tuesday, November 10, 2009


For some reason that word makes me shiver in fear. And I know there are much worse things that could be happening, and maybe if there was something seriously wrong, I wouldn't mind it so much. But to me God has a plan for this little baby and He knows when it's s'posed to be born, so why mess with that? My dr insists it's "natural" but I really don't think so.

I remember being pregnant with Callah and going over a few days, and then a few days more. Finally it was coming onto 15 days overdue and they were going to induce me on Monday. Saturday I mustered up the courage to drink castor oil and I don't know if that's what did it, or the fact that I walked up and down Central in PA, but whatever the reason I went into natural labour on Sunday night and had her shortly after midnite.

So I'm 39 wks and 3 days, by Monday I'll be 40 and 2, which is definately no 42 wks or anything. But I guess the dr knows more about these sort of things than I do so I'll just have to trust that it's a good thing and pray that the baby comes before then.

Oh yeah and the reason why all this is even happening is b'cos there's protein in my urine which has something to do with my kidneys which is what's making the dr nervous. And I've had high blood pressure every now and then and tied up together, he keeps telling me, could be a very dangerous thing and the only way to solve it is to deliver.

So that's that. Good thing I still have some of that castor oil left! ;oP