Monday, October 26, 2009

gone where no baby and me have gone before...

Well it's official. I am no the heaviest I have ever been during a pregnancy. And it's not like it's the most weight I've gained tho'. You see when I was preggers with Matthias, I gained over 45 lbs. There's nothing like having the month off before the baby comes to lay on the couch, eat potato chips and play Tetris. I never did loose it all afterward. Then came Callah, and I only gained 25 with her knowing that it was going to be hard to loose it afterward. Again, I never even came close. With Keziah I gained 35 or so, I figured I would be okay since it was mostly fruit cravings I had with her, but alas, there must've been a potato chip or poutine in there too. And so finally after having gained over 105 lbs altogether in the last 6 years, it's no wonder I am the heaviest I've ever been. Altho' I did loose the most amount of weight after Keziah. It's amazing how being home alone can motivate a person, especially while the spouse is away getting in the best shape of his life!

And so here I sit, squishing the life out of the chair cushion (I'm sorry!) thinking about all the cool exercises I'm going to try in the new Year. B'cos really, who wants to try and workout during Christmas and New Years? That would just be foolish! So I'm making goals and strategizing on how to loose this weight. I know it's going to take a long time, I'll just have to remind myself of that every now and then when I step on the scale to view my progress. And I think having Steve at home will be, or should be, a huge benefit and help to get me going.

But until then...there's a whole lot of Hallowe'en candy hiding in various corners of my house just waiting to be found! ;o) I might as well enjoy them...right?