Monday, April 21, 2008

a little sigh

Last night at around 5 pm, I took a little sigh of relief that the day was done. I had managed (with the help of Dixie) to make my house look presentable (even with the kids spilling juice numerous times throughout the day) enough for the open house. I had participated in the Mom's Morning Out clothing sale (and found some cool deals!). And I had been able to enjoy an afternoon out learning how to make soap and homemade lotion. Now I could sit back, relax and enjoy a quite evening talking with friends.

But now it's Monday and I'll tell you what I should be doing. I should be busy making cookies and squares for our meet and greet on the 30th. I should be doing laundry and getting stuff ready to head down to Regina. I should be making something for the potluck at Mom's tomorrow.

Ahhh well. It's miserable outside. I'm going to enjoy the misery and muffle for a bit and then I'll get to work with all the work that I should be doing.

But first....I need to check my Scrabble games on Facebook!!