Thursday, June 19, 2008


As I sit here and think about the handful of boxes scattered all over my house, I procrastinate a little longer, not really wanting to unpack them anymore. I'm sick of boxes. On the one hand, it would be great and awesome to have everything unpacked. Even the playroom downstairs, now that Steve unpacked all his weights, is looking great and there's so much space. I know the house will look way more better and inviting, if only I could get rid of a few more boxes.


But I just don't want to do it.

Yesterday when I was cutting the grass. I got bit by 3 little evil ants. So today I went to the Co-op and bought ant killer. 4 cans of ant killer. They...will....die!!! Altho' have you ever seen that movie Ant Bully? As I sprinkle the powder over their little ant holes, a small tear escapes my eye, and then I step on any surviving escapees with my shoe.

The kids are napping, soon they will wake up and I'll have to remove my behind from the imprint of the computer chair, and we'll have to find something to do to occupy our time until supper. Steve works the late shift today so he won't be home till after 8. I hate this shift. It seems to suck the day away...very...very...slowly. It's not that there isn't stuff to do, but I'm just sick of doing it.