Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm baaaaacccccckkkkkkkk.....

Just like that creepy voice in that movie...what was it?

Anyway, so we're up and running apparently. Funny thing since the stupid Telus setup guide wouldn't acknowledge my username or password. I guess you don't need those things or it's just my lucky night! The house is livable. Right now the kids are sleeping. I'll have pictures up hopefully soon. The move went well. Only 2 things were broken (that we know of so far) and we're still missing our dolly...which the movers have yet to return. There was mold and a small water leak in our basement the morning we moved in (not happy) but the house inspector said it's an easy fix (after ripping apart the wall) and we're moving on. The trampoline is set up (an open invite to all you adventurous Moms out there!) and the Pepsi is in the fridge. We don't have a bed for visitors yet (and unfortunately I wouldn't recommend the Best Western here...things you learn when you live in a hotel for 11 days!) but we do have air beds and lots of floor space!

Steve is doing well with the new job. He's already in a truck of his own. A little nerve wracking for me, but he's still not technically "alone" altho' out there, they never really are. There was this story the other week of a cleaver wielding father chasing his son. Good times, good times. Please continue to pray for him.

And in other depressing news, I just read about a member who just recently cheated on his wife with another member. He's been on the job for less than a year. What a schmuck.

June is apparently county fair time here in central Alberta. We hit the Camrose Jaywalkers Festival last week, Wetaskiwin's Pioneer Days today and coming up is a huge rodeo in Ponoka that is supposed to have a really cool parade! The kids all got their faces painted. Matt got spiderman, Callah was a butterfly and Kez got whiskers. So it's been a long day and my eyes are burning.


It feels good to be back. :)