Saturday, August 23, 2008

foo bar

For the past few weeks, well let's just say months and be totally honest here, I've been in a total funk. I think I mentioned it before, I have little to no motivation. Maybe this is too much information, but I want to stress my point. We'd like to get pregnant, but even sex seems like too much work nowadays. I don't want to cook anything. I definately don't want to bake. I wait until my house is disgusting before I clean (this coming from someone who used to vacuum 2x a week, and do other chores EVERY DAY). Some mornings I would give anything to just lay in bed. I'm even too lazy to write anything on here, even a little quote one day a week! It's pathetic!


I'm sure it has to do with moving. Being shipped somewhere I really didn't want to go. I'm so happy Steve is enjoying himself. He loves the new job! Even when he's in the middle of crazy stupid scenerios, he's lovin' it totally! So I'm really happy for him.

So what do I do? How do I get myself out of this stupor and back into living? I've been reading on friend's blogs about their various hobbies and stuff. I want a hobby. But how do you "find" a hobby? I used to draw, but if it's possible, I think I outgrew that. I used to knit. But how do you do something when you don't feel like doing anything? It all goes back to the same thing....

I need my butt kicked. That's all I can really come up with. I need a swift kick to the butt.


I should just stop before I loose the few readers I have.