Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm a good mom!

Well I don't know about you but it's easy to get in a slump. You do something wrong then condemn yourself for it then continue the cycle until that's all you know anymore. I read something that said you have to verbalize what it is you want to be true. Say out loud, "I'm a good mom!" and slowly you will become just that. I was doing a bible study 'Believing God' and she said at one point Satan finds out your worst fear and sets out to confirm it. He can't read your thoughts but he can watch your actions and words. If he sees you doubting your calling as a mother or your ability he will pounce on it and set out to confirm it. By speaking out loud things you want to be true, you will discourage attack in that area. Say "I'm a good mom!", "I love my husband.", "He is a babe!", "I love my children.", etc. The spoken word is so powerful, let's use it for good.