Friday, May 13, 2005

Lack of wisdom and a whole lot of PMS

This past Wednesday I got my 2 right wisdom teeth pulled. Maybe I'm a bigger softy than I thought, but my head still hurts. It feels like I've been hit really hard in the right jaw. Not that I know what that feels like, but it hurts. So I'm continually popping Ibuprofen, which helps out with the next fact...PMS.

My husband can usually tell when I'm PMS-ing. This week however, I gave him the heads up before he got the chance to say anything. In my opinion I've been really good this week. Last night tho' I'd say was the worst. I had a conversation with my Mom that didn't go as well as I would have liked. I'm not sure if I was reading too much into it, or if she was just unwilling to help out. Anyway, it didn't end great. Then the emotions kicked in and I felt like crying. To make things worse, the whole problematic issue needing help seemed to somehow get 10x worse than it actually was and my husband, Steve, say's "don't worry about it." By now we're getting ready for bed, the lights off and my jaw is starting to hurt. Dead silence. I have all these thoughts racing thru my head, and I'm waiting for Steve to say goodnite before he falls asleep. Silence. Finally I say,"fine then. Good-nite." and roll over and start crying. Of course now that I'm telling someone this, I feel like a complete loser. It's amazing how our emotions can get the better of us. This prompts him to take on his psych-voice and ask me what's wrong. I say my jaw is hurting and all I can think about is the problem next weekend. He proceeds to tell me again not to worry about it. God will handle things, and he rolls over and falls asleep. This irritated me more than ever. Here I was fuming mad, with millions of thoughts running thru my head waiting for the Ibuprofen to kick in and he, so easily, rolled over and fell asleep. Just like that. I decided it was my duty to toss and turn and make as much noise as possible, trying to get comfortable. It was to no avail, as his body started to twitch (which it always does when he first falls asleep). Eventually the drugs kicked in and my mind settled down and I fell asleep too. What a night.

I'm thinking the PMS has to be over soon, and the pain in my jaw should go away. Then life will get back to normal once again. Hopefully your week was much better. And if not, if your suffering from a PMS week, well I'm praying for you. The week is almost over!