Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I once had the opportunity to live off a small island between Vancouver Island and the mainland. It was great. I could walk from my house to the beach and listen to the ocean in like 2 minutes. I tried to take advantage of that everyday, 'cos I knew I wasn't going to be there for very long. I was there from September to December. Maybe b'cos it was autumn, I'm not really sure, but I hear it's like this most of the time. Rainy and cloudy and downcast. It got really depressing after awhile and I was only there for 3 months! We need sunshine for sanity sake I think! So if this recent BLAH kinda weather is getting you down, take a few minutes to mentally picture yourself sitting on a beach. Imagine the warmth of the sun beating down on your skin. Your in the warm zone. Make yourself a pina colada or iced tea with one of those little umbrella's in it. (It's kinda funny, the song "wake up to the sun" by Limblifter just came on as I'm writing this. It's a totally "sitting back and enjoying summer" kind of song. Very cool.)

Anyway, I'm sure it won't be this dreary for much longer, and if I'm wrong, call me up and I'll make you a pina colada with a little umbrella in it. We'll apply the sunscreen, sit in our beach chairs, start the little propane heater and enjoy our "summer" together. Remember misery loves company, so call a friend over. Trust me, it will make you feel better!