Wednesday, October 26, 2005

cold feet, wood chips and insulation

I can remember feeling really insecure, almost scared sometimes, returning to school after being home sick for a few days. Ever feel like that? I kinda feel like that now. Like I need to have something really relevant or important to say. I'm afraid, I don't have much tonite. The past week and half, my husband has been on holidays. Good for him, bad for me. It's like when he goes on holidays, somehow my "job" does double everything. Not only am I cleaning up after the kids, but suddenly I'm picking up things for him too. When is it my time to go on holidays? Well, as a side thought, if your reading this in Prince Albert, the Mom's Committee is planning a shopping/Sundog craft fair day in S'toon the weekend of Dec. 4-5. We're not sure of the day yet, but it'll be our time!! I'm already looking forward to it, and I'm not a fan of shopping or craft shows!!

So like I said, he's on holidays. I will give him credit tho' as he did spend a week visiting my family. True we were building a shed for my parents (and what a truly beautiful shed it is too!) but we all now how hard it can be visiting the in-laws. However, somewhere in the time span of last week he really hurt his back. He's been seeing the chiropractor since last Saturday. It's not getting much better. So now this long list of stuff we wanted to do on the 2nd week of his holidays hangs on my shoulders if I want them done. Monday went by and nothing got done. Tuesday went by and nothing got done. Today tho', we had arranged some help yesterday to re-insulate our attic. That went smoothly, and alot quicker too, which gave us time to cross off another item: wood chips. I think I can honestly say I'm not looking forward to doing that again anytime soon. So Wednesday is ending and we got 2 big items crossed off. Finally, I can sleep at night! :)

Yesterday's Mom's went pretty good. I had another case of Callah Cling. So I brought her in the Mom's room with me. I wasn't alone that morning as there were a few other "clingers". We're going to try something new next week.

I want to mention something. Monday was a really tough day for me. It seemed like Callah was eating EVERYTHING (I mean everything, dog poo, pine needles, paper, fluff, mud, etc...) and I constantly had to keep an eye on her. Matthias is starting to get a little jealous of the attention Callah needs, so I try to play with him as much as I can. Slurpee cups fell on the floor, I ran out of potatoes for supper and had no vehicle to get more. Things just kept adding up and I felt like I needed out. You can take the word "out" however you like. For me, I needed to get away, get away from the house, from the children, from the husband, everything. Luckily there was a prayer group that night that I could go to. If you ever feel like that, like your world is falling apart and you feel almost scared of what just might happen. Talk to someone. Phone a neighbour, friend, family, anyone and tell them how you feel. If they were ever a mother themselves, chances are they'll know how your feeling and help out how they can. Life's too short to blow it on a "really bad day".

Take 'er easy!