Tuesday, December 05, 2006

why me?

This afternoon I thought it would be nice to go outside and let the kids play in the snow for awhile. Well, not 5 minutes after we got out there, I was throwing some stuff we had "dug up" in our basement into the shed when I heard glass crack under my feet.

You can guess what words creeped out of my mouth.

For some reason we had kept our old outer door out by the shed and the wind must've knocked it over onto the ground and covered it in snow, so that some schmuck (me in this case) would come along and step on the glass window sending shards of glass into the snow.


But wait, while cleaning the glass up, I gouged (and I don't say "gouged" lightly, there was quite a bit of blood streaming out and it's actually bruising now) a crevasse in my finger. Nice.

I think I got all the glass by shovelling almost all of the snow around that spot into the dumpster. What little shards there are left will have to wait till spring. Good thing it's not a favourite spot for the kids to play anyway.