Thursday, May 10, 2007


Lately I'm becoming more aware of things. More aware of how fortunate I am to have 3 happy, healthy children and the fact that I had no problems getting pregnant and delivering them. Last weekend I was at my brother's place in Melfort and Jill, my sister-in-law, was telling me about this little guy that she knew who was born with some sort of bone disorder. I don't know exactly what it is, but she said that his bones are very brittle and brake at the slightest movement. Shortly after he was born his parents couldn't figure out why he kept crying. After numerous tests they found out that he had broken his leg and arm. So they had to go to Regina to set them and on they way back from the hospital he broke his other leg. Jill said that the mother can't nurse the little guy or burp him or anything. All they can do is lay him on the floor and just watch him. How sad. My heart aches at that and all I can do is pray for them and the little guy.

A friend of mine has 4 children and her youngest is named Elisabeth. This is the latest e-mail from her...

Hey there. I don’t know if most of you remember about a year and a half ago I sent an email about a heart condition Elisabeth has, it’s called an Atrial Septal Defect. We have been for 2 check-ups since then and yesterday the doctor told us that open heart surgery is the only option and he wants it done this year. So we will be going to Edmonton Children’s Hospital to get this done probably late summer or fall. We have been praying for healing constantly and will continue to do so. So if you think of her send up a prayer. I know God has protected her throughout her life so far with this condition. Most children have recurring chest infections, she has had none. And there can also be problems with growth etc. but she is a very healthy girl. So thank you for the prayers sent so far on her behalf and we will keep you posted as to the exact time of her surgery. Thanks for your prayer support. God is in control, I know that and trust that He is with us and will be with the doctors through the surgery. Thanks for your prayers.

Elisabeth will be 4 in September.