Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I hate days that involve alot of poop that's not my own.

What's the difference between a cabin, a cottage and a house that are all at a lake?

I wonder what babies think/dream about? Giant boobies?

I watched this movie last night while Steve was watching the Stanley Cup playoffs called Griffin & Phoenix. Highly enjoyable. Highly recommendable. Total chick flick. Have kleenex nearby kind of movie.

The previous obituary was comical b'cos Steve is a total Chuck Norris fan. He always goes to this one website and gets these ridiculous quotes.

I was thinking about my life list and thought of a couple. Backpack across the UK. Hang glide. Rally race. Go to Spain and take part in Tomatina. Camp out in a hut on a beach. Go on another mission trip. There's just a few that I've thought of so far.

Whenever I spend time with another couple I'm reminded of how much I love Steve. It's not that the other couple is bad, but I see how well I don't "fit" them and how well I fit with Steve.

We just came back from a weekend with the Mother-in-law. I'm feeling nice at the moment so I won't be too negative. But I will say it has got to be hard to be that negative towards other people.

I love garlic bread.