Tuesday, September 11, 2007

so far this week...

Looking back I can say that Sunday was good. True the Kez was super fussy at church, but she did finally fall asleep (the last 5 minutes of the service...but who's counting?). The sun was shining, we all had naps. Steve and I went to see 3:10 to Yuma (true we went on different nights, but it felt like we were there together...) which is awesome! We were looking forward to events starting up this week. Yes, it was going to be a good week.

Then came the phone calls. Now if you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that my in-laws are not on my 'MY5 List'. They're not even on MY10 list (if there was such a thing). So you should know where this is going. This Sunday Steve turns 30 (which again, I know it's a "big" birthday, but really shouldn't we be just as excited by him turning 31? Or 29? Isn't the point to celebrate another year of the person's life??) and way back when we were talking about what he wanted to do for his birthday. The idea came up of having a guy's poker night. Cool. He can do that and then on his birthday I'll make a cheesecake and we can celebrate as a family. Well, apparently that's just not good enough. His brother is coming up Friday for the poker night and sort of invited himself to stay till Sunday. Great. I love him. We get along sooo well (heavy on the sarcasm). His mother sounded all cheated, so we talked a bit more and decided that we'd go out for supper and then come back here for a cake and ice cream deal (we're going out b'cos all Steve's mom does is cook. She has shelves of recipe books and a normal meal consists of like 4 salads, home made bread - that she ground her own flour for, 2 types of meat or a main dish that could easily feed like 20, and a huge dessert - usually something homemade like pie or a cake - and not a mix cake, oh no, this is a made from scratch cake - and anyway, I just don't feel up to the pressure of cooking to impress, when all we had originally wanted was a private family birthday). Now where was I....ah yes. Again, not good enough. She wants to drive out to Narrow Hills for a picnic. But wait? Isn't this Steve's birthday? Shouldn't he be able to decide what he wants to do? So all day yesterday we're stressing out and talking about this weekend, that we were originally looking forward to, and now almost dreading. Let's just say it took awhile to get to sleep last night, and sadly not for all the good reasons, if you know what I mean. *wink wink, nudge, nudge*

This morning was the first Mom's Morning Out. Good to see so many new faces and the oldies (but goodies!) too. It always nice to get back and talk with Mom's you haven't seen in a few months. Next week we have Melanie Shatula coming to do some fitness stuff. Last spring she did an exercise ball workout with us that was pretty awesome.

I read this today on Bonnie's blog. It's a good read and something to keep in mind as we, Mom's, slug our way thru the day and sometimes wonder just what we're doing it all for. I know I wonder that sometimes, especially like now, when the kids are all suppossed to be laying down for a nap and I can hear Matthias running around upstairs, Callah is down - that I know and Keziah is on the couch beside me. I lay her on her back and she rolls over, pinning her left arm uncomfortably underneath her causing her to cry. I lay her on her stomach and she cries. I lay her on her back again and she rolls over, pinning her arm underneath her once again. So begins the cycle and our "quiet" nap time is ruined.

I had a good laugh today when a Mom and I were discussing our "diet" and wondering why the donuts and ice cream weren't magically working off the pounds. Wouldn't that be awesome? If someone invented a pastry or ice cream that would actually work off the pounds while you ate it? You could make a fortune!

If only.

Now to forage out, in the rain, with my 3 kids and do some grocery shopping.