Sunday, September 30, 2007

a little worried

Tomorrow morning bright and early, well early for me anyway, Steve and I are off to Canmore for our Covenant Pastor and Spouse Retreat. I love how they call it a "retreat" 'cos we have to drive 8 hours there and back and the whole thing is only 3 days to begin with so technically we're only there for 1.5 days, and the drive is anything but relaxing. Anyway, off topic.

Tomorrow we leave and we leave our children behind. True I've left them before, those who know me know that I usually have no problem with that, but this time I'm a wee bit nervous. My sister is watching them while we're away. She's watched the 2 of them before, but it's adding the 3rd one that worries me. So if you think of me these next few days, pray for her and my children. And pray that everyone gets fed, including Gus the dog, no one gets hurt and they all still have hair by the time we get back.

Thank you.