Thursday, January 24, 2008


whoever said time would eventually fly by was full of poop.


It's okay when you have things to look forward to. Something in the distance that helps pull you thru the long tiresome days. And then you do this "special" thing and you have a great time and you feel energized and rejuvenated again. Yes! I can get thru the next 3.5 months!

But then you have a crappy night with the baby (and I was thinking about the possibility of adding to our brood sooner than I thought, but after last night and this morning when she's STILL crying...all I can think is "will someone PLEASE shut that kid up!"...and I realize, no, I'm not ready for another addition.) and your kids take an hour to eat breakfast and you're tired and grumpy and feel like a bah-humbug mom and the minutes slowly begin to tick again and you dread the entirety of the day and the coming weeks.

Something exciting please happen.

So I'm checking the accounts and in my head planning another escape from my life, where maybe I can see Rambo with a loved one, even tho' I don't like least I'd be with a loved one and I can have a few more days of "freedom" until I have to come back to my life and live it, alone, once again.

We, spouses, should really receive an award for doing this.