Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Hard to believe it's already August! And yet, in a way, it seems to have taken forever to get here!? The past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. Way back in July, my husband and I took our youth group wilderness camping. The moquitoes were HORRENDOUS! After receiving numerous pointers from many people, we just decided to coat ourselves continuously in repellant and stay close to the fire. That week trip was cut short a day. Then my husband took some youth to a church camp in near Clear Lake, Manitoba. Which was great! He took off for a week, the only problem was that he took the van, our only vehicle. It's amazing where you can go, when pushed to do it. My kids and I were everywhere that week. We took full advantage of our stroller, wagon and trailer. The only complaint I really have was the lack of "pedestrian rite-of-way" I seemed to hold. There were times I had to wait, what seemed like forever, for cars to stop and let me cross the intersection. The "highlight" was having a police car drive by, not stopping, and watch me standing on the sidewalk, fuming at the lack of "respect". What hope do we, as pedestrians, have of crossing when our city's police cruisers can't even stop? That's my tiff of the month.
Our actual family holiday was the last week of July. We went to Candle Lake with my family (brother and his family, sister, and parents...7 adults, 3 kids under 3, and 3 dogs) for a week of camping. What an adventure! The weather wasn't anything great or spectacular, the cold killed off some of the mosquitoes, which was nice. Our son had a 24 hr flu and took a night and the morning to let his stomache react. Not a nice experience in a sleepbag and tent! My brother's 7 mos. old decided this was a good week, NOT to sleep at night. Tents....gotta love them! But all in all, it was a very enjoyable week. We especially lov'd the cheap ice cream there. I don't know what the store is called, but it's the place where they have the trampoline and all the Little Tykes toys. Wow, super big scoops for cheap! We were all glad to get home tho', have a nice shower and sleep in our own beds.

Holidays...gotta love them!!

Countdown to Mom's....September 13, 2005!! That's 41 more sleeps! (i think...)