Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Looking Brighter

Well yesterday was a day from hell. It all started Sunday when my hubby and I had a little "argument" about my involvement in certain things. His point made no sense and it was just infuriating me. So that carried over to Monday morning...and Monday afternoon...and into the evening...and well we still haven't really talked about it, so I guess you could say into today as well. The bright spots, and there were some, were truly bright. Yesterday I pulled into a parking lot right after another minivan. The other Mom got out first and opened her side door to reveal her son. I laughed immediately at this little youngster who had removed his boot and was eating the mud from the bottom. His Mom laughed too and said something like "I thought he was hungry but I didn't think he'd eat his boot!" The little guy had mud smeared from one ear to the other. It was really funny.
This morning was my Mom's Morning clean sweep. I heard people laugh, questions were answered, prizes and gift certificates were handed out, so I think it was a good morning. There were no major mishaps on my part, so I guess that's all I can ask. At lunch the kids and I walked home from church after dropping Steve and the van off. And after their nap we played outside in the sun and sat in our lawn chairs soaking up the spring rays. That was my highlight of the day (forgetting about the snow still lingering under my feet).
Steve will be home soon, and it'll be time to "hit the pavement". I hate lingering problems.

In other news we all have colds once again. *sigh* PLEASE bring on the nice weather!!!!