Monday, April 24, 2006

Thoughts from the weekend

Well our computer was down all last week. Stupid thing. Can't live with them, can't live without them, or so it seems.

We had an interesting weekend. Not a busy one, but interesting none the less. Yesterday my Grandma phoned me and she had fallen again. She's 88 years old and not doing the best. Steve was home, so I was able to go over to her place and help her up and sit with her awhile. It was funny listening to her phone people afterwards. Like a little child asking for sympathy. A little gleam in her eye as she says she's fallen (sigh) but she's okay now. She looks at me with a little smile on her face. No, don't worry about me she says, I'll be fine. I was reminded of my own children. When they fall or scrape something they immediately come to me for a kiss and some lovin' attention. Old people, so much like children.

Then there were thoughts of our Toyota Landcruiser. It's an '83 BJ60. We're trying to sell it. We're asking $4500, but lately we're wondering if we should sell it to a friend for less. Sort of a God thing. Set it out there and see what happens, what blessings might befall us.

We've been thinking about our neighbours, and how odd it is that we haven't seen or heard them all week. A good thing, but odd.

Of course we did the usual yard work, raking dead grass and pine needles here. Sawing branches off our trees there and eating freezies on the grass everywhere. On Sunday (BEFORE supper!!) we took our kids for ice cream. It was freezing yesterday, but our little guys toughed it out and seriously froze their fingers off, but boy was it worth it!! It amazes me how dirty they get from eating ice cream cones. Can they not feel the sticky coldness ALL OVER THEIR FACES??

Finally (well no not really, but I think Cinderella is done and my kids are running free upstairs) I thought about being pregnant again. There's a pretty good chance I am now, and we'll know for sure in a few more days. It's earlier then I wanted to be, I would have liked to wait a month or two more, but then I see those little babies, and everythings seems to be alright. We'll see. I bought some sweet maternity clothes at the clothing sale on Friday, so it makes it more exciting.

Now it's off to get some groceries so I can make something tasty for the potluck at Mom's tomorrow. See you there!