Friday, April 07, 2006

third times a charm

There are a couple of cd's that bring back memories of the few months that Steve and I actually dated. One of them is Third Eye Blind. I had a copy of their debut cd (entitled simply Third Eye Blind) and Steve had his own copy. I had my own reasons for liking the band (the lead singer Stephan Jenkins had the coolest beard and he was hot) and I'm sure Steve liked them for whatever reasons. The fact was that we both liked them. I can remember playing cards at his house (our game of choice was rummy) till all hours of the morning listening to Third Eye Blind (and Third Day....hmmmm....there's seems to be a running theme here). Life was good. Then we were broken into and Steve's copy was stolen (as well as half of his other cd's). But we were still good, we still had my copy. A few years later, we were broken into again (different house) and they stole my copy as well as half of my cd's. Now we were without a copy of the cd. The memories were lost.
But wait!! Yesterday while shopping in Value Village (our store of choice) what do we see? A copy of the Third Eye Blind cd, perfect condition not a scratch on it (it was probably one of our stolen copies). I look at Steve, "should we buy it?" " I don't know, everytime we have a copy we get broken into and they steal it." "Let's buy it." So we bought it. I'm listening to it right now (and downloading it onto our computer!) and loving it! Ahhhh...the memories. It's soooo good.