Wednesday, June 14, 2006


For some reason I always find the time to sneak peaks at other people's blogs, while finding little time to update my own. Or maybe it's the fact that our dog keeps jumping our 8 ft high fence and digging up my garden forcing me to redo it over and over and over. Or maybe the fact that Callah has another ear infection and Matthias has a cold...again. Or could be just my lack of self worth, thinking "who in their right mind would be reading this?"

Anyway, I think I've mentioned before that I'm trying to hook up a good, clean, Christian based sex video for Mom's Morning Out in the fall. So far, I'm having no luck. We did this Marriage Uncensored series last year and one of the videos was called "The Top Ten Questions About Sex" (which was tabooed so we never actually go to watch it). A few nights ago a friend and I watched it to see what was so "taboo-ey" about it. We couldn't really see anything wrong (maybe we're just so warped it didn't affect us), nor was the video what I really had in mind anyway. So I'm still looking.

Last weekend we spent a night with the in-laws in S'toon. Not only did we have an irate "conversation" about Steve and I drinking (and I still shake my head in disbelief upon remembering) but also about women in ministry and evangelizing to people. I can't believe how "messed up" (I say that knowing it's not the word I'm thinking of, but can't think of anything else to describe her) she is. How Kent Hovind is as good as God in her books and every other author or person is nowhere near as good or Godly as he is. And I can't believe how EVERY time we go for a visit she ALWAYS brings up a family who has 8-12 kids and they were all homeschooled. Who cares? To top of the "visit from hell" it was raining all weekend, so the kids were running around the house like electricuted mice on speed. I will say this tho', they do make good popcorn! This weekend will also be a weekend to look forward to, as we hit Steve's other side in N. Battleford. Usually I don't mind visiting his Dad (who turns the big 5-0). If anything I feel totally relaxed to be who I am, but it's the fact that I know Steve's brother is going to be there. Him and I just don't get along very well. I'll leave it at that. And having to spend a whole weekend there is something that I'm just not looking forward to.

Of course in comparison, I think my family looks like angels coated in sugar. But you'd have to ask Steve what he thinks. So pray for me this weekend as I take my snotty nosed, coughing kids to a 50th birthday party that is sure to be anything but dull.