Wednesday, June 28, 2006

hot fun in the summertime

Well yesterday morning I had 2 screaming kids before 9 am. I was pretty tempted to call beach day off, but thought, why should I not "enjoy" my day just b'cos of 2 screaming kids? I shook off the obvious reasons and saw only 1 thing on my "lisa-vision": the beach. So we packed up all our stuff, gave Callah some Tylenol and cough medicine and went to pick up Dixie, Madeline and Luke. After loading up their stuff, a quick stop at the office, the Co-op and Tim's we were on our way.
The trip there was fine enough. No major fits or tantrums. It wasn't until we actually hit the beach that they occurred. Matthias had a complete fit when he saw Madeline carrying the bag of beach toys. Apparently carrying lawnchairs wasn't exciting enough for him. So after a brief "time-out" he returned to the "party" and we all had a good time. The water was beautiful, only one leech was found, lunch went over great (rather than making sandwiches for the kids we cut up a bunch of stuff and they could munch on a little bit of everything in a cup. It worked great!), Callah and Luke waited until we were almost ready to leave before they pooped in their swimmers. It was just a really good time. I think we can definately do this again sometime. Way better than sitting at home going stir crazy!
But that's just my opinion. Dixie took some pic's so we'll see if she downloads them and hear her side of the story.

Then we came home and had a $6 large pepperoni pizza from Domino's. The kids had baths and went to bed early. It was a great day.

But then the day ended. And of course, most good things have to come to an end. Steve's been working his butt off trying to get things ready for camp (which starts on the 2nd of July - 8th, then again from the 17-21) and a lady from church asked him to put some new flooring in. He's been gone from 8 am to 10:30 pm, sometimes later, and I'm just tired of him being tired. I like to talk to my husband from time to time. So that created a bit of friction last night. There always seems to be friction near our anniversary. For once I think I'd just like to enjoy it. That would be nice.

You see Steve and I met 5 years ago in February. 5 months after that we got married. 6 months after that we found out we were pregnant (not planned). 5 months later we moved. 6 months later we moved again. 6 months later we moved one last time. In that 2 year period we went through 6 jobs between us. I honestly didn't think we'd make it to our first anniversary. I admit I'm an emotional person. Since getting married, we've seen friends get married and would always ask them if their "honeymoon period" was over yet. They'd always say no. Which made us feel like dirt, 'cos I think our "honeymoon period" lasted the span of our honeymoon. Of course, since then I've also heard from alot of people that their first year of marriage was anything but pleasant as well. Which is encouraging. Sure we've had our ups and downs. Since we've stopped moving, things have gotten better. More settled. More happier and uplifting. Babies have been planned and not a complete surprise. I can still say that he's a dream come true. I mean after all, not every guy will shave a leg for you if you ask him.

So, Steve, thanks for the past 5 years and I hope there will be plenty more and never a dull