Monday, June 19, 2006

The weekend

Well the drive to North Battleford was nice.

That wasn't the only thing of course. True it is a road we don't take very often so the change of scenery was nice, the music was nice (I finally got to listen to my music on the MP3 player), and the kids were sleeping (which always leads to a good drive).

That leaves the actual weekend itself. Well. Okay so we when we get there, the people that are there are (about 10 people or so) look like they've been drinking since noon (we arrived at 4-ish). Everything we were supposed to arrive early for and do, was done already. Steve's Dad comes up to us, giddy like a drunken 50 yr. old (oh wait! He is a drunken 50 yr old!) and tells us that his longtime, live-in girlfriend (7 yrs) and him are getting married tomorrow. What??!! This coming from a guy who said he'd never get married again. Apparently hell froze over and he was getting married again. So good on them. His girlfriend, who the kids call Grandma Moe (Maureen) is a super nice woman. We honestly couldn't be happier for them. I just hope that the rings and it being legal and all doesn't freak them out and they split. I know too many long timers who have lived together and then got married and split. Not good.

So that was alright. We had agreed to sleep in a tent trailer in the back yard. Upon realizing that there was actually going to be a wedding in the garage not 10 ft away, I was beginning to rethink that agreement. Sure enough, Friday night due to the overall loudness of 20 some people drinking and having a good time and the fact that the highway is only a block up from their house, I'd say we had a good 2 hours of sleep (kids included). To keep this short and sweet, we booked a hotel for the next night.

It was an alright weekend. Not the worst weekend ever, nor by far, was it the best. Gas was 99 cents/litre which was super sweet. We ate lots of good food and everyone showed up and arrived home safely... so far as we know. And it was really good to get home and sleep in our own bed.

For some reason, I can't wait for July.