Wednesday, September 06, 2006

bad day

well. This morning I woke up with a headache. I thought a quick run to the gym would help, but our van was making funny noises so I had to bike. Not that bad I guess. I cut the gym short 'cos I knew Steve had a lot of work to do. Well ok. So the morning wasn't that bad. Callah was super grumpy (looks like all those 6 am wake-up times are finally starting to get to her!) so she went back to bed at 10 am. Of course you probably know what that means. When it came time for her to nap after lunch she was wide awake. This annoyed me incredibly as I was hit with a VERY BAD nauseous feeling right after lunch. Having to clean Callah's poopy diaper (we use cloth and on this particular occasion the liner slid to the front leaving all her poop to squish into the back of the diaper...needing a whole lot of cleaning to get off!) didn't help the vomitous feeling, nor did having to wipe Matthias' bumb after he dropped a load. Finally I was able to lie down and rub my belly. That's when Callah's sleeplessness hit. So fine. I layed there trying to get her to sleep for awhile until I felt better. Finally feeling a bit better I got up to do dishes and some work on the computer. When I returned upstairs I found my lovely daughter playing in playdoh IN MY BED. She had emptied all but one of the 10 containers and was making "shapes" with them IN MY BED. I won't say what happened next. Steve came home shortly after and asked me where his jogging shorts were. I said I had no idea, but helped him look on the floor while he was looking in his dresser. Without thinking I started to get up, not finding his shorts and slammed right into the corner of his open drawers. Nice. I broke down and started to cry. I asked Steve if my back was bleeding, 'cos it sure bloody well hurts and the first thing he said when he saw it was "wow! That's nice! You got the two edges of the dresser cut into your back! Let me grab the camera and take a picture!" I said, "no thank you." (or something like that) and poured myself a drink (of Pepsi...I only wish I could add some rum).

So that's been my last 4 hours really. I hope the rest of the evening goes well. At least I get to go for a dinner meeting and get out for awhile. Excuse me while I go ice my "cool" back.