Monday, September 25, 2006

Crap Von Crappen

This past weekend, my hubby was away at a youth camp retreat (I'm going to go on a little rant here about "retreats". In my past retreat experiences, I can honestly say that I have only been on 1 actual retreat "retreat" where you can sleep if you want to and eat if you want to. There really wasn't much of a schedule to it. It was nice. You left the retreat actually feeling refreshed and not more tired and "snappy" than when you left. True not all retreats have psycho schedules attached with them, but most do. I mean honestly, think back to the past couple of retreats you've been on. I can remember some of mine with 7 am wake-ups and breakfast at 8 or 8:30 am. That's not a retreat! I don't like eating breakfast earlier than I do at home! Anyway, that's my retreat rant.) and like usual, he arrived home tired and a bit grumpy. Not to blame the kids or the actual retreat, but he was having trouble with the rental vehicle and had to drive the 6-7 hours home on only 6 hours or so of sleep the whole weekend. This is why I'm a firm believer in having a "driver" go along on youth trips simply b'cos the youth leader shouldn't have to do both, especially for longer trips. Anyway...
So he arrived home kinda pissy, making us kinda pissy, 'cos we were excited to see him. He stank of gasoline (rental problem) and "camp" and didn't want to "talk" about anything really. So...we left him.
After the kids went to bed, and to his benefit, he did get off the couch and read them a book, we watched the Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring, extended version Tape 2. I tried talking to him about Matthias' birthday party this weekend, but all he noticed was that I wasn't "moving my lips when I talk" which according to him (and him only 'cos no one else has ever mentioned it to me, so if you have noticed that I do this, please let me know) I do often and it ticks him off, so we began our "ticked off" time once again. He was mimicking me and I was fuming mad. To the point where he went to bed, I said something about wishing he had never come home, and he snored annoyingly loud once I did get to bed. Jerk. It was kinda funny tho'. At one point, I think it was between 3 and 4 (I didn't get much sleep last night) I noticed the huge gaping space between us. It was like he had his pillow on the nightstand, it was that far over and I was as much IN the wall as I could get. We could've easily fit both the kids in there with us.
So anyway, having little sleep really didn't get things off to a peachy start again this morning. Somehow during the past few hours we've managed to get on a civil level with each other. Despite having one vehicle break down on us in the Peavey Mart parking lot, having to call CAA and getting it towed back home, and the other vehicle in the shop right now getting the tires looked at and hopefully finding the source of a strange (but very loud) banging noise coming from the back end, without raking up too much of a cash total.
I had hoped to possibly go out for supper one night with just him, but I don't know if we'd be able to survive. Let alone the pastor/spouse retreat we're going on next week. Thankfully we'll be in a vehicle with another couple, so that should keep the shouting and name calling to a minimum.

Tomorrow at Mom's we start the sexual intimacy 8 (I'm pretty sure it's an 8 parter) session special with Carolyn Carlton. Should be interesting so I hope to see you there! This friday we're also having our first Mom's Nite Out. We're going for a walk out at the Lil' Red and then heading to Shananigans for dessert/coffee afterward. Meet at the Cosmo Lodge at 6 pm.