Friday, September 15, 2006

Men In Trees

There's this new show on TV that I find amusing. It's called Men In Trees and stars Anne Heche. I'm not a big fan of hers, but I gave it a shot last week and watched it again tonite. I find it funny. But I think I really enjoy it for all the bug, bushy, "wild" men in it. To briefly summarize Anne's character is a famous relationship coach/author however she failed to see her own fiance cheating on her. So she leaves for a speaking arrangement in Alaska and arrives in this town completely inhabited with men. There are 3 other women, but mainly the town is full of men. Wild, lumberjack type men. And so she decides to move on with her life and learn about herself and men (more so why they act the way they do) and stay in the little "man" village. It's actually filmed in Vancouver, so you could say you have to watch it to support our Canadian economy. Or you could just watch it for the men. The wild, scruffy, lumberjack type men. Anyway, Friday's ABC 7pm (check local listings).

Speaking of wild, scruffy men...I'd like to take this opportunity to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby Steve. I never thought I'd love a hairy man, but he's definately made me fall in love with him.