Thursday, November 02, 2006

9:47 pm poutine run

Last night as I was getting ready to head out to bible study, I was thinking about what drink I wanted to make to take along. Sometimes I make a hot chocolate, others a caramel steamer. Depending on how I'm feeling. Last night, I wasn't feeling either, so I brushed my teeth and headed off. For the next 2 hours, my belly was thinking about something. My mind was trying to figure out just what we were craving. Then it came to us. POUTINE! Hot, gooey, cheesy poutine. Yum. So I dropped Matthias off at home and informed Steve that poutine was calling. He said, "yeah right." I said,"yeah. Right." So off to KFC for their amazing gravy poutine I went. And man was it worth it! Of course, my next weigh in at the doctors might say otherwise, especially now that my sweet tooth is also being fed from the leftover Halloween candy. But I'm telling ya, last night, sipping my Cranberry Gingerale and eating my KFC poutine was as close to Heaven as I had been yesterday. So good!

And in other news, apparently my hair is anything BUT sexy when I first wake up after going to bed with wet hair.

Yesterday Mom's was pretty good. Carolyn shared about her wedding day and her vows. Honestly there was more depth to it than that, but I have such fond memories of my wedding day that I drifted in and out of what she was saying. The best thing that for us ( after 5 years of marriage seems to have been a good choice) has to do with the fact that Steve and I met and married in 5 months. That's right, we met in February and married that June. We dated for about a week and were engaged the remaining 3 months. That whole first year of marriage we were thinking, perhaps we should have waited. But now as I look back and I see how we've grown and moulded together, those 5 months were long enough.

We were married at his Mom's acreage outside of Saskatoon. The day started cloudy and I thought it might rain, but by the time 2 o'clock rolled around the sun was shining and the pictures afterward (taken outside in the yard) had to be taken in the shade. I don't remember much about the ceremony except that when Steve read his vows I was blown away that he could write something like that. And in comparison, mine sounded really corny. I remember that his ring couldn't fit over his knuckle so in many of the ceremony pictures, he's trying to fit it on, and eventually has to lick it on. We had our reception in a huge hall just 5 minutes south across the highway where the DJ played no dance music. I got to wear my flip-flops. Everyone danced like alcohol had been served when infact none was. It was a really good time, and I'm not just saying that b'cos it was my wedding. Of course there were things that didn't get done that should have, and if anyone had told us how to plan a wedding, we would've known that we were doing it wrong. But nothing serious enough to damper the day.

And if there was a chance to do any of it over again, we definately would've had that pig on a spit!