Thursday, November 16, 2006

Finally some relief

Looks like those 3000 mg of Vit C and all those lemon/honey drinks are finally kicking in. I can breathe thru my nose!! Yes!! Now if I could just get rid off this stupid cough, my other little problems would go away as well.

This morning we woke up to the sun shining Snow was melting off the roof and tree, so the kids and I decided to go outside and attempt our first ever snowman. Steve came home just as the kids were getting ready, so he came out to help as well. We soon realized that we didn't have enough snow around the back yard (after shovelling it all into a pile to build a fort a few days ago) so we rolled the snow in the front and then transferred them to the back. The kids found sticks for arms and uh...some poop. Apparently all snowmen poop. We used a carrot for a nose and choc chips for eyes and a smile (which the dog wound up eating) and viola! There was our "freaky" snowman! I've never been prouder!!

To top off our sunny winter day I suggested we have a weiner roast in the pit in the back yard. Steve's super fantastic so he agreed and set out to build a fire. It was brilliant, if ony Gus hadn't stolen that bun out of Callah's hands and the kids had eaten their hot dogs (I..uhh...mistakenly fed them ice cream sandwiches for a morning snack). Oh well, Steve and I had a beautiful weinie roast and enjoyed the sunny winter day. 1 o'clock and naptime rolled around before we were really ready to go inside.

All that fresh air must've tuckered everyone out 'cos they're still sleeping (it's almost 3). While they were napping, I decided to take advantage of this nice day (altho' when we got out to the Red, the sky was cloudy and it had gotten quite windy and blah...) and take Gus for a walk. The way I figured it, we both needed it, and it had been a while since the 2 of us had been out there by ourselves. I love going out there to think. And so think I did. I realized that I'm almost 6 months now. Only 4 more to go and these are the months that usually fly by and pregnancy wise are the toughest. I can't really gain much more weight (in an effort to watch my weight, I'm allowing myself the privledge of snacking on only fruit...which is harder than I thought, especially after all that excess Hallowe'en candy that I've taken in the past few weeks), so now I've just got to take care of the "pudge" and work out when I can, 'cos I know soon it'll be hard to get out of bed. We've still got to decide on girls names and we're still pondering on whether or not we should move the kids to the basement. We have to set the crib back up and pick up the bassinet from my brother's in Melfort. Go thru the baby clothes and pick out the smallest and most unisex outfits. Switch around the car seats and fish out the infant carrier. So much to do, so little time...of course I'm way ahead of myself. Like I'll actually do all that before March anyway, but today, on my walk it suddenly jumped me. Baby's coming.

Even if I lay down and still feel more blubber than bulge. Baby's coming.

It was a sobering thought and yet a thought that I had never really let go of. It had always been there, in the back of my mind, but I think it's just one of those things where you wait and wait and wait, and then suddenly it's closer than you think and you wonder what you've been doing that past 7 months to prep. Oh well. Even if I was an extreme procrastinator and didn't get anything done in the next few months, I know that it would still be loved and cared for with whatever we have ready.

Just's coming.