Friday, November 03, 2006

My "clean" man

In a few hours I'm taking off to S'toon with Dixie for the WJOF conference. While there are many women going, not many are going for the whole weekend, which we are. I have no real problem with this, I completely trust that Steve will be fine with the kids, and I know that the kids will love having their Dad around all weekend. It's the "clean" factor that I worry about. Whenever I go anywhere for a length of time Steve has a habit of "cleaning" things. I say "clean" b'cos this means he reorganizes and disposes of things that don't necessarily need to be reorganized or disposed of. I remember trips in the past where walls have been ripped out, carpet has been taken out (altho' I knew about this one ahead of time), stands and tables have gone missing, appliances have moved ontop of other appliances that most of our babysitters can't reach. So in saying all this, I'm a bit worried about what may be gone or "cleaned" when I get back on Sunday.