Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Last night Keziah slept for 10 hours btween feedings. I know it's just a tease, but I'm still excited. Now if only the rest of the family had co-operated in her efforts (for my xtra sleep) it would have been sweet dreams for me. You see I thought it would be a treat to make some popcorn for the kids. We'd cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. Steve was out in the garage working on his baby (I'm going to go on a side-step here. Before we were married Steve had this Landcruiser. To be honest it was one of the things that attracted me to him and I love it as much as he does. This baby will never leave us - or rather, we will never leave this baby. It's great. The roof comes off and it's such a thrill to ride it. We should seriously charge $ for rides. It's just awesome.) with the baby monitor hooked up to the TV so he could hear our heroes play their game while he worked.

It was going great until Callah started playing with the stove controls. I didn't realize she had had them on that long until she started screaming bloody murder. To cut to the chase she was up till 10 pm crying with ice packs on her hand. This morning she has a nice coil imprint to show for it. (This morning her accident prone self continued and while jumping on the bed she fell and slammed her chin on the windowsill biting her lower lip.)

And actually that was it. Matthias stayed up till 9 pm to comfort Callah. Keziah, after being fussy all day, had finally fell asleep. The only other thing that kept me awake was the thought of looking for a babysitter for Saturday night.

Oh well.


Let's see what tonite brings.