Monday, April 16, 2007

A running thought

This just cracks me up. My Dad used to tell me stories of how him and his buddies used to fart in a can and then light it up. Crazy juveniles.

Anyway, today Keziah is 5 weeks old. Lately I keep referring to things in weeks. She's 5 weeks old. Last week was Easter break. This week is the Covenant Annual Convention at our church (which just means that it's going to be busy chaotic). Next week we have our first parent meeting at St. Anne school for Matthias and I start a learn to run class. It's also the last week of April. Then it's May. Mom's Morning Out is finished. Keziah will be almost 2 months old, which means she's halfway to 4 months and that excites me b'cos I usually start Pablum and formula when they hit the 4 months stage. And at times it seems like each day is taking forever, but when I look back I'm like "gee...she's 5 weeks already!" And of course, you want them to remain small forever b'cos that's when they cuddle and appreciate you.

Anyway back to my running May. May will fly by 'cos Steve is leading a youth event in Strathmore, my parents bought a cabin so I may actually get to be in a cabin for a May long weekend for the first time ever. Party!! (yeah rite, c'mon here. I'm under 30 with 3 kids!!) Then before ya know it it'll be June and June always holds the promise and preparation for summer camps. July will soon follow and if it's anything like last year we had a camp every week followed by 2 weeks of summer "vacation" and this year we have a "family" (I say " " because it's on a side of the family that really has no relation to us) reunion in Weyburn (of all places) in August. And then it's September.


The next few months are just going to fly.

One day at a time Lisa, one day at a time.