Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Outta my mind

I'm kinda actually bored altho' I know there's no way that's humanly possible as Matthias and Callah are doing laps behind me in the basement shrieking bloody murder over who hit who and I think I hear Keziah waking from her nap in the distance. I feel like my eyelids could be held open with toothpicks and I'm starting to count down the minutes to my afternoon nap (approx 96.5).

Steve is going to S'toon for a day and a half and for some reason the thought of being home alone, for the first time since baby came, makes me feel kinda scared and depressed. For the first time in a long time, I'm making a mental note to do nothing but rest in the hope of keeping everyone's sanity while he's gone.

And so knowing there's tonnes of stuff that I should be doing, but I'm mentally telling myself to forget (altho' it's kinda hard to forget about feeding screaming kids) I'll leave you with this picture of what I want to look like in the future. The guy in front, that's Steve. Ooooh yeah...that'll be so sweet (only I'll have a whip!).