Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First health lesson

Yesterday Matthias called out from the bathroom "Girls don't have pee pees". To which I replied, "yes we do, they're just different." To which Callah hollered from the kitchen table "yes I do!" And then Matthias once again replied, "no you don't." To which Callah again hollered "yes I doooooooooo!!!!!" (the girl likes to argue VERY LOUDLY) I then decided to intervene and went in to tell Matthias that we do, they're just different. "Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina." I explained. He repeated the information I had just handed out.

A few minutes later we were sitting at the table eating lunch when Matthias once again said that girls don't have pee pees. I reminded him that we do. "Do you remember what Mom told you earlier? Remember? Boys have....?" He replied, "penis". "And girls have....?" I asked. Then Steve, in his infinite wisdom, says "I told him that girls have 2 bums."

I stopped. Laughed. And then asked him, "can you say vagina?" To which there was no reply.

Anyway, that was our first health lesson.

Today was our last Mom's meeting. I'm relieved in a way, simply because I don't have to get up anymore. There's still lots of planning to be done for the fall which means lots of work I should be doing. I'm also sad tho' to see Mom's done. I really do enjoy my Tuesday mornings. It gets me out and gives the kids a chance to hang out and play with different kids. This year I got to meet alot of new women who I really enjoy talking to and hanging out with. I hope if they have more babies, they'll once again grace our group with their presence. To those of you going back to work, take 'er easy and keep in touch. Those of you staying home, I really hope to see you again at Mom's in the fall. On May 8 we have our final wind-up out at the Little Red. Start praying for nice weather and we'll see you (hopefully) there!

Man I'm suddenly extremely tired. So I'll finish with this. We're having another Mom's Golf Nite. Last year we went to Silver Hills and had a total blast. This year we're going to Fairview and then heading out for snacks/supper afterward. It's Thursday May 24. Tee off time is 6:30 pm so we need you there by 6:15 at the latest. If you're interested let me know. Club rentals are $4 or if you know someone else going who has a set, I'm sure we can share (we're not that professional!). Like I said, last year was alot of fun and I'm sure this year will be also. Hope you can come!