Friday, November 02, 2007


My mind has been elsewhere lately. So forgive the lack of writing. The past few weeks Steve and I have been in a kind of funk. Things were said that shouldn't have been and feelings were hurt. Last Monday I asked Steve if I could go to S'toon for the day. Just me. All by myself. He agreed totally (which turned out to be a mixed blessing as the MIL came down). I took Landy. Good ol' Landy. There's something humbling about being constantly passed on the highway by semi's. Anyway, on the drive back in the dark, sipping my hot chocolate (made with chocolate milk and topped with chocolate whipped cream...yum! Way to go Broadway Roasters!!) and trying to steer this hunk of metal I thought," This is it. Steve will be gone in just over a week. Are you going to mope in your own self pity and refuse physical contact? Or are you going to get over yourself, grow up and spend the time you have left showing affection to the man of your dreams?" Of course I started bawling, never a good thing when your driving at night. Then I resolved to be the best dang wife around for the next 10 days!

Of course, when I got home to find that the MIL was staying the night ( and in fact, her car broke down so she wound up staying 2 nights!!) I did as much as I could to get out of the house anyway. Which turns out to be a bad thing 'cos everytime I left the house with the kids, she completely bit right into Steve and ripped chunks out of him concerning our "monumentally large selection" of music and movies. We're going to hell forsure! Ha!

Anyway, now with less than a week before he goes I'm thinking of the change that's a coming. How much I'm going to miss snuggling his back, getting hugs, cuddling on the couch and watching hockey and most importantly having that person to say "goodnite" to just before I drift off to sleep.

Enjoy every moment. They go by so fast.